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If you’re struggling to find the right kind of curtain for your décor, room or window shape, Freedom can help. With a huge range of blockout, sheer and linen options, you’re sure to find just the right material and style for the space you need to dress.

Bedrooms need to be kept as dark as possible for a deep sleep – whether that’s at night or for an afternoon nap. Blockout curtains are a great option for this requirement as not only do they keep out any external light, but also work to keep the room cool in high temperatures. The Moleskin Blockout fits our S-fold curtain tracks and their matte velvet finish adds luxury to the bedroom.  

Living rooms deserve something special and you can create a beautiful, layered look with the use of linen curtains and a sheer curtain overlay. Living rooms don’t need as much light and heat control as bedrooms so you will have even more options here. Choose a medium weight fabric like the Shea S-fold curtain or the Terrain Room Darkening curtain. Both lend an elegant weight to the room whilst working hard to keep things cosy at night and breezy during the day.

Sheer curtains are a fabulous option for many different rooms. Layer a detailed choice like the Sorel Sheer curtain over a heavier fabric to add drama and extra texture. The Houston is a stunning style to add onto your rod in living rooms and sunrooms. During the day when the sunlight is streaming in, pull the thicker curtains back and draw the sheer curtains. The material is enough to block the glare but will allow in the heat and sunbeams.


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