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Leather Chaises & Terminals

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Leather Chaises & Terminals information

Chaise Choice
Leather chaise sofas take lounging to a whole new level. Freedom leather ensures your choice is hardwearing, durable but soft as butter and guaranteed to last you a lifetime of lazing. 
The Freedom leather legends
Our leathers are 100% pure and we don’t hide synthetic variations in any of our chaise sofas. To make the decision easier when looking at the kind of leather you need, we’ve broken them down into three simple categories. If your terminal or chaise needs to withstand a bunch of kids and maybe a pet or two, you need our Family Friendly leather. This leather is our most durable and comes in the widest range of colours. It’s also embossed to give a consistent feel and finish so it will look newer for longer. Look at the Fistral with a right or left hand chaise. Its twin needle stitching gives industrial strength to every seam for wriggling guests and the high set legs create an open base beneath the chaise for easy sweeping.
If your leather terminal doesn’t need to work quite as hard, you might like either our Semi Aniline or Totally Natural leathers. Our Semi Aniline options have a beautiful waxy feel and are dyed all the way through with a balance of natural appearance and protection. The Eton is a stunner with deep seating and padded arms and in Vintage Tan it’s the ideal lounge companion.
Totally Natural leather is for the connoisseur. It’s the most luxurious of our range and maintains all the natural marks like scars, scrapes and fading of the hide that makes each piece totally unique. The Dahlia is divine with its smart timber plinth and feather interior seats – we love it in Charme Natural for a clean, minimalist theme.
Made to last
One of the best benefits of choosing a Freedom leather chaise is how easy it is to keep it clean and looking its best. Our 5 year leather protection kit ensures your piece will last as long as you’d like it to. With this, a wipe with a damp cloth and keeping it away from heat and direct sunlight means your leather will age with grace and character.