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Cheese & Serving Boards

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Cheese & Serving Boards information

<p>The perfect accompaniment to a long awaited get together is the fabulous cheese board. Easy to put together and stunning to look at, it’s the best way to keep guests happy while the main course is being wrapped up or afterwards as a grown-up dessert option.</p>
<p>Large, round cheese boards made of wood or wooden wine barrel lids are the classic way of displaying a variety of cheeses. Fan the cheeses out to create a wreath with rocket and basil leaves interspersed with berries for a festive look&nbsp; which works particularly well as a starter.</p>
<p>A ploughman’s platter does well on a long rectangular board – roll up cold meat to create ribbons and bookend each side with a small condiment pot for dipping.</p>
<p>If you want to go a little more formal, select a black cheese board or metal platter and cover it in sushi or bruschetta for easy nibbles. Serving boards need to accommodate utensils like knives, preserve spoons and olive tweezers, so start styling the board by making room for these first.</p>
<p>A balance of dry and wet pieces is key for layering, so keep crackers and biscuits from touching other elements and getting soggy by stacking bowls of different sizes on your board. Fill these units with bread, cheese sticks and melba toast but scatter grapes, pickles and capers liberally and freely around the board. Finish your look on a metal or marble serving board with a drizzle of balsamic reduction in between the various bowls.</p>
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