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Curtains Accessories

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Curtains are the final touch in every room that softens, warms and completes the look and feel of the space. The curtains you choose will depend on the kind of rail you have, the design of the curtain you prefer and the amount of light you want to let in. Freedom offers an incredible choice of a variety of different curtain styles for every room in the house.

There are three main kinds of curtains – eyelet, tab top and s-fold. Each of these curtain types delivers a different kind of aesthetic which you can match or use to complement the room’s décor theme.

Eyelet curtains are incredibly easy to install as they simply thread through the rod itself and then fall in long, smooth lines of fabric. This style tends to look more modern and fuss free and so are perfect for bedroom curtains. The Bardwell Blockout Eyelet is a great example of this, keeping to a contemporary theme whilst managing heat and light entry.

Tab top curtains are another easy option, with the rod running straight through the material loops or tabs at the top of the curtain. This look is a little more detailed than the eyelet and makes fantastic options for home offices and teen bedrooms. We love the Angus Light Filtering tab top curtain with a sheer linen look which is perfect for layering.

S-fold curtains create beautiful drapes of fabric through the evenly spaced hook and tape mechanism. The shape created when hung makes them a great, luxury-feel addition to a formal living room. The Shea S-Fold delivers an understated elegance and light to a room in its muted metallic silver, providing the perfect backdrop for statement furniture.