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Drinking Glasses

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There’s nothing more welcoming than being served a beautifully styled drink in a stunning glass, so get creative with your choices as well as your garnish!

You have a host of different kinds of drinking glasses to choose from and they’re all used for specific drinks. Hi-ball glasses are tall, generous sizes and are perfect for long drinks like soda with ice or mixed cocktails like a screwdriver. Shorter tumblers are perfect for water glasses, as whiskey tumblers and for freshly pressed orange juice. Carafes with a matching tumbler set make for sophisticated gifts and are handy when used on the bedside pedestal for water.

Plain, high quality glass is a classic choice that looks beautiful on any table setting, but coloured glass in unusual designs can make for a show-stopping display. Consider mixing up your choices by using coloured hi-balls and plain wine glasses for some added visual interest.

Even though there are traditional uses for certain glasses, there’s nothing stopping you from using different styles for new beverages. Think of iced coffee served in a white wine glass topped with whipped cream or red wine in a short tumbler for that trendy stemless look. Beer glasses are great for ice-cold water mixed with berries and cucumber. Large red wine glasses make beautiful gin drinks – just ensure you garnish with a wedge of lime or edible herbs and a mountain of ice.