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Best seat in the house
Choosing the perfect perch is no small feat. With alluring sofa styles and even more options in size, material, colour and configuration, it’s easy to sink into info overload instead of finding a sofa that fits snug with your lifestyle and budget. So before you put your feet up, take note of these sofa options. 

Shape shifters
Heard of form and function? The type and shape of your sofa will determine whether you get the balance just right. If you need to fill a cosy space, a slender and stylish 2 seater, like the Lola in leather, does just the trick. But maybe you have an extended family to host? A large modular sofa like our 6 seater Aspect will keep everyone happy. Perhaps you’re looking for a more elegant touch? Then indulge in a chaise for your bedroom or reading nook. No matter your wants or needs, you’ll find a shape that speaks your style language right here.

Size up
When it comes to sofas, one size does not fit all! The size of your space should absolutely determine your sofa size. But going small does not mean you need to compromise on comfort. For small apartments, the Dahlia 2 seater with its low back and elegant legs, offers modern sensibilities with trimmed down dimensions. If you have a large area to fill, go for that sweeping 3 seater length. You can also play around with different modular configurations to break up an open space. Create an accent out of empty corners with a statement armchair – our Cleo range is perfect for that little time out. 

Style showcase
Perfect your signature style with a show-stopping sofa from our varied collections. Modern pieces like the Panama come to life in top-floor studios while the traditional Salsie begs you to kick back in your open-plan family room. Whatever your taste, you’re in the right place.

We’re not looking back for inspiration for our product, we’re looking forward, we want to have a progressive looking design team that are creating, not reinventing old Freedom classics. 

Blaine Callard, CEO

Pick Your upholstery
From kids to pups to marathon movie nights, your chosen material needs to have your back. Our luxurious natural leathers provide a classic feel and are also offered in a family friendly finish. Our hardy fabrics come in a range of colours, textures and finishes to withstand vigorous daily use, so your signature style will never fade. Don’t fear accidental spills and tears, our Freedom 5 year product protection warranty has you covered.

Final touches
Now that you’ve picked your dream sofa it’s time to decorate. Choose from a curated selection  of throws, blankets and cushions for your new throne. Step back and look at what else your space might need, from a stylish new floor lamp, side table or ottoman, we’ve got plenty of ways to keep your living area looking fresh, functional and on-trend. And the best part about investing in a comfort upgrade? You can have it now, but only pay for it later with Afterpay and Zip Pay along with flexible interest-free options