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Select the right mattress for you from a range of different designs to suit every sleeper, budget and comfort requirements across our iconic brands.

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Comfort is key. Choose from plush, medium and firm and find your perfect mattress for the ultimate night's sleep.



Mattress information

The mattress you sleep on has the power to give you an incredible night’s rest, allowing you to wake up refreshed and energetic. Or it can keep you awake and even worse, give you back or neck problems. Buying the right mattress is a vital purchase, depending on the kind of support you want, the comfort you prefer and the price that suits your pocket. 


The right type

The first consideration is what type of mattress would suit you best. There are a number of different kinds of mattresses that deliver different benefits. Pocket spring mattresses give a luxurious feel as they do not bounce, which also makes them excellent for light sleepers who are disturbed easily by a partner. Comfort levels are important to keep in mind when choosing your type as well and this will depend on your own personal preferences.

Traditional spring mattresses give a classic, firm and supportive feel. Firm mattresses give a supportive feel, medium mattresses are a little softer and plush mattresses have that sink-in feeling. Gel mattresses are a hybrid of foam and gel for a soft but firm foundation that also cool the sleeper by regulating temperature. Memory foam ‘remembers’ your sleeping style and recovers its shape after being used, to keep moulding around the sleepers body.

The mattress-in-a-box type is a convenient way to ship your mattress, and can often be more affordable options with a medium balance of firmness and support.


The size guide

The size of your mattress will need to fit your bed base if you already have one, but. If you’re choosing a brand new bed set your mattress size should match your lifestyle and sleeping style. Children and teens can sleep comfortably in single or king single sized mattresses, and even double beds for older kids. A queen is a super choice for guest rooms as they are large enough to accommodate a visiting couple and very roomy for a single person. Couples – especially with kids who love to co-sleep or cuddle in the mornings – will enjoy the space of a king or super king.


The brand for you

You know the type and the size you’re after, but now you’ll need to select a specific brand. Freedom offers two brands – Sealy Posturepedic and Freedom’s own range. Designed and handmade in Australia and inspired by the outback, our Freedom mattresses are named after clouds and available in a range of different designs to suit every sleeper, budget and comfort requirements. Sealy is the most recognised mattress brand in Australia and offers a sense and response technology to adjust to all body types among many other benefits.

Add the finishing touches to your mattress, with our range of Bed Linen. With incredibly soft materials like bamboo cotton and linen blends you will be dreaming in no time.