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Bedside tables

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Bedside tables information

Elevate your bedroom with stylish bedside tables in Australia

Complete the look of your bedroom sanctuary with Freedom's exquisite collection of bedside tables thoughtfully designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Freedom understands that a well-chosen bedside table can make a difference in your sleep space. Discover a range of styles, materials, and sizes of bedside tables that will help provide a convenient place to keep your essentials within arm's reach.

Why buy Freedom Bedside Tables?

Since 1981, Freedom has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of furniture products across households in Australia. Freedom takes great pride in its high-quality Australian hand-craftsmanship while creating these bedside tables. 

Along with its sturdy construction, our bedside tables have diverse designs, ensuring enough functional features and storage and an utmost focus to suit the Australian lifestyle.

Popular types of Bedside Tables in Australia - Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide

Bedside tables are essential bedroom companions, adding functionality and style to your sleeping area. In Australia, where comfort meets design, several popular types of bedside tables cater to diverse tastes and interior preferences.

Some popular bedside tables in Australia include:

  1. Rattan bedside Table - Rattan bedside tables bring a touch of coastal charm and texture to your bedroom. These bedside tables are known for their light and airy appearance.
  2. Wooden bedside tables - Wooden bedside tables exude timeless appeal and warmth. These tables offer a variety of finishes to match your bedroom decor. Their durability and natural beauty make them a popular choice among Australians.
  3. Small bedside tables - Small bedside tables are perfect for compact bedrooms or cozy corners. These tables offer functionality without overwhelming the space, providing a convenient surface for essentials like a lamp, phone, or book.
  4. Round bedside tables - Round bedside tables introduce softness and flow to your bedroom decor. Their lack of sharp corners makes them ideal for getting through tight spaces and creates a sense of harmony, allowing for easy movement around the bed.

Popular Bedside Tables colors in Australia - Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide

In Australia, where design meets comfort, the choice of bedside table color can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your living space. Whether you're seeking a bold statement or a subtle compliment to your interior decor. Let's explore the popular bedside table colors that grace Australian interiors.

Some popular bedside table colors are - 

  • White bedside table
  • Black bedside table
  • Grey bedside table
  • Blue bedside table
  • Brown bedside table
  • Dark brown bedside table
  • Coloured bedside table

FAQs - 

Q: Does Freedom offer installment payment plans to purchase Bedside tables in Australia?

A: We offer interest-free installment payment plans on our Freedom Bedside tables through services such as Afterpay, Klarna & more.

Q: How do I choose the right bedside table size?

A: Consider the available space next to your bed. Ideally, your bedside table should be around the same height as your mattress and within easy reach from the bed. Ensure it's not too wide or too narrow for your space.

Q: What are the standard dimensions for a bedside table in Australia?

A: Bedside tables in Australia typically range from 60 to 75 centimeters in height and range around 40 and 60 cm in width. However, the size of different bedside tables may vary.

Q: How can I style my bedside table?

A: Styling your bedside table can involve adding a lamp, a decorative item like an artificial flower arrangement or a plant, a clock, etc.