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We spend hours deciding what style of light we need – table lamps, floor lamps or pendants, but we don’t usually spend much time thinking about the kinds of bulbs we might need. There’s a lot more to bulb-buying than you would think, depending on the light you have and where it is in the home.

There are a number of different kinds of globes, each with a specific look, fit and lighting power. The LED bulb sheds a lot of light but uses very little electricity and they tend to last longer than traditional bulbs. This makes them a popular choice for large rooms that need a lot of light. Incandescent bulbs are the classic design we all know. They aren’t as cost effective in electricity as the LED and emit far more heat, which is what uses up the energy. Halogen bulbs give off a brighter, whiter light than the incandescent and are slightly more energy efficient.

Once you’ve decided what kind of bulb you’re after, you’ll want to choose the right shape of globe for your light. The Arbitrary shape is the typical style of bulb we all know – these can be used in most light throughout the house. Candle globes are a great choice for chandeliers, ceiling pendants and decorative wall lights. Table lamps usually do well with the bulged tube shape which will give off wide light perfect for use under lamp shades. Don’t forget to make the final check to see if your light fitting needs a bayonet or screw type bulb before making your purchase.