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Trending: The Rattan Furniture Trend You Simply Can't Miss


If you thought rattan belonged in the 1970s, think again. This natural fibre is finding its way back into contemporary furniture-making, bringing natural style to both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

What is Rattan?
Undeniably decorative yet incredibly functional, this stem of climbing palms creates beautiful woven furniture pieces that are applicable to any room in the house. Because rattan conveys a natural aesthetic it can be united with many looks, earning the long overdue popularity it deserves. At Freedom, we’ve made no secret of our love affair with rattan with our trending collection of rattan furniture and homeware.

Rattan for every Room
Rattan furniture combines well with other materials, colours, textures and styles making it the perfect piece to experiment with. Pair rattan bedside tables and a headboard with crisp white linen for a cool and calming coastal look. Or create a  mediterranean themed outdoor oasis with rattan seating, bold outdoor cushions and plenty of greenery of course! Boho, tropical and retro styles call for the inclusion of rattan furniture, making the adaptability of such pieces oh so appealing. And don’t forget about lighting - rattan’s woven look creates a beautifully soft ambience for any room. 

Ditch the Whitewash
Often, rattan furniture is painted or white-washed to suit a room’s colour scheme, but keeping rattan in its natural hue is a wise choice when seeking a more neutral interior. However, because rattan complements any tone, it can also act as a foundation from which to introduce colour. Do this by including colourful cushions on a plain rattan sofa, or selecting a patterned rug to sit under a naturally stained armchair. Embrace colour and contrast and let your eclecticism shine!

Bring the Outdoors In
Rattan outdoor furniture is a popular choice because of its light weight and natural look, while still being comfortable and stylish. This makes rattan a clever option for patio chairs, coffee tables and side tables, perfect for those alfresco lunches. Match its natural tone and texture with pot plants and organic accents for added effect. As rattan is a natural fibre, don’t forget to keep your rattan furniture undercover.

So what are you waiting for? Whether a rattan wardrobe, coffee table or intricately woven stool, embrace the rattan trend and transform ordinary design into a naturally show stopping interior.

CTA_Shop Our Favourites_370x50.jpgBLANK SPACE_1170x50.jpgSUMBA-Coffee-Table-_2of3_460x460.jpgRAFFLES-Buffet,-Honey_3of6_460x460.jpgSALAMANDER-Coffee-Table-_1of3_460x460.jpgBUNGALOW-Queen-Bed,-Natural_3of7_460x460.jpgSANTAI-Occasional-Chair_3of4_460x460.jpgAMBASSADOR-132x85cm-Coffee-Table-Natural-&-Glass_3of6_460x460.jpgDaintree-Dining-Chair-Rattan-Natural_2of4_460x460.jpgRHYS-Buffet,-Natural-Teak_3of6_460x460.jpgBLANK SPACE_1170x50.jpg