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Cushions & Decor: How to Decorate with Sheer Curtains

Create a soft, welcoming look with diffused light and flowing fabric layers. 

Not quite a blockout and a million miles away from heavy blinds, sheer curtains can add warmth, texture and softness to your space. They’re an effective way to create privacy in bedrooms and living spaces near busy streets, or for providing diffused light in bright, sun-filled spaces - especially important in west-facing homes. The lightness of sheer curtains will automatically add romance to your home, and when used in conjunction with thicker blockout curtains or blinds, can be the perfect balance for those sun-dappled afternoons. Here’s how to use sheer curtains to your home’s best advantage:

Go long:

It’s always best to be more generous than reserved when it comes to window dressings. Too short, and your sheer curtains will only stunt the look of your space, making it appear smaller. Floor-skimming sheer curtains, or even those that are allowed to pool at the floor will create an elegant sense of flow.

Mismatched elements:

Floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains will provide balance and symmetry when you have different sized and shaped windows or architectural features - especially common in older homes. The drape and drop of the fabric will look especially beautiful in period homes, adding drama without obscuring the authentic features underneath, such as ornate architraves and window frames.

Romantic elements:

Nothing beats the cloud-like feeling of being cocooned in a bedroom with windows dressed in flowing sheer curtains. The soft diffusion of light, combined with the dreamy s-fold of the fabric tapering down to the floor, creates a warm, welcoming sanctuary. 

Pattern play:

In a space featuring wall-to-wall prints and brightly patterned elements, a soft, flowing sheer curtain in a muted white, grey or natural tone will provide a visual ‘break’ for the eye. The curtain becomes a simple surface that isn’t competing for attention with the rest of your space, while offering complementary colour and texture. 

Colour me happy:

Choose sheer curtains in a muted green, pink or even blue to create contrast and provide a playful pop of colour, or select a dramatic charcoal or navy blue for a bold look. This effect is especially impactful in conjunction with minimalist or traditional styles, as a way to add personality without overwhelming the space.

Separate spaces:

Use sheer curtains in a large open-plan space or studio apartment as a clever room divider, able to be pulled across to create a warm, cosy vibe and then swept away to the side when you need to open up your space.

Caring for your curtains:

Keep your curtains clean and soft by washing them regularly according to the instructions on the label. Lay them flat to dry immediately after washing (because no-one wants to iron curtains) and attend to spills quickly to prevent stains.

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