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Cushions & Decor: Cozy Compilations - Styling your Bed with Cushions

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The quickest and easiest way to bring your bedroom up to date is with the handy bed cushion. Choose your favourite styling tip from the list below and prepare for instant impact!
Set the Tone
Before you click ‘add to cart’ decide what you want your cushions to achieve. Do you want to use them to introduce colour to a plain and minimalist bedroom? Or do you want to soften a crisp and industrial look with something plush and luxurious? The right accent colours, textures and arrangements can perfectly finish off a room so make sure you know what end result you’re after. Try textured materials in monochromes for a masculine look in a bedroom that is decorated in greys and charcoals. Velvet scatters can emphasise a more feminine feel in a bedroom without being too fussy or girly. 
Size it Up 
Size does matter when planning your look. Standard cushion sizes (50 x 50cm) disappear on king beds so you will want to start styling with larger sizes (60 x 60cm) before adding in extra, smaller shapes. Mix up sizes and dimensions by adding longer cushions and remember, symmetry is not a requirement! Children’s beds can be swamped by too many cushions that will simply end up on the floor. Try one or two standard sizes here with a novelty cushion in the shape of a star or heart for a sweet additional detail. 

Perfect Match 
Recreate a hotel room look by collecting six cushions in graded shades and line them up one in front of the other against the pillows. The slight difference in colour gives the style depth and the symmetry makes for a very smart finish. If you can’t find the right sets of colour, you can achieve the same effect with patterns or even with different colours. Line up pillar box red with a burned orange and a sunshine yellow or stack throw cushions with stripes of different width in the same colour.   
The Arrangement 
Cushions don’t need to be added to a bed as an afterthought. Stand two large and firm scatter cushions up against the headboard and stack your regular pillows in front of them. Now you can add a few smaller, rectangular cushions on top of the duvet to add extra levels. If you’re going with a fabric pattern for the cushions at the back, try a deep velvet for the front ones and keep them plain. Play around with the classic ‘trio’ arrangement. Three uniform scatters in bold geometric prints simply placed next to each other makes for an elegant, minimalist finish – especially effective against white linen. 
Chop & Change 
The best part of styling your bed with scatters is that there are so few rules. Mix and match patterns with stripes, pastels with primary colours and embellished designs with plain, rich fabrics. None of the cushions need to match in size either. Large, small, rectangular, round and even bolsters can be arranged together to create an eclectic and indulgent look. Tassels, sequins, feathers, beads, buttons and ribbons are all beautiful elements to bring to the bed. If you’re feeling flamboyant combine them all, or start with just a touch of sparkle and texture and build from there.

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