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Don’t have the patience or the time to constantly tend to live house plants and flowers? Well, now you don’t have to! Our collection of artificial plants and artificial flowers are so fabulous, people will be surprised to learn that they’re not real. They really can make your living space look more vibrant and alive all year through. Not to mention that fake plants, fake fruit and in general fake foliage and flowers, won’t need someone to come around and water them while you’re away on vacation. After all, the only thing worse than a lack of plants around your home or business is dead ones.

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  • lemon-beauty-vine-86cm-1
    30off Clickandcollect


      $12.56 $17.95
    • hoya-67cm-1
      Asseenontheblock 30off

        HOYA 67cm

        $15.36 $21.95
      • eucalyptus-84cm-spray-1
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          EUCALYPTUS 84cm spray

          $9.80 $14
        • shikiba-86cm-branch-1
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            SHIKIBA 86cm branch

            $11.86 $16.95
          • eucalyptus-146cm-stem-1
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              EUCALYPTUS 146cm stem

              $16.06 $22.95
            • cordyline-branch-1
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                CORDYLINE branch

                $13.26 $18.95
              • monsteria-leaf-85cm-1
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                  MONSTERIA leaf 85cm

                  $13.96 $19.95
                • dry-branch-1
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                    DRY BRANCH

                    $10.46 $14.95
                  • monsteria-leaf-55cm-1
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                      MONSTERIA leaf 55cm

                      $4.86 $6.95
                    • nut-pod-76cm-spray-1
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                        NUT POD 76cm spray

                        $17.46 $24.95
                      • ivy-expanding-trellis-1
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                          IVY expanding trellis

                          $62.30 $89
                        • nut-pod-76cm-spray-1
                          30off Clickandcollect

                            NUT POD 76cm spray

                            $17.46 $24.95
                          • eucalyptus-102cm-spray-1
                            30off Clickandcollect

                              EUCALYPTUS 102cm spray

                              $11.86 $16.95
                            • kingdom-leaf-96cm-1
                              30off Clickandcollect

                                KINGDOM LEAF 96cm

                                $6.96 $9.95
                              • kingdom-leaf-114cm-1
                                30off Clickandcollect

                                  KINGDOM LEAF 114cm

                                  $7 $10
                                • winter-97cm-branch-1
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                                    WINTER 97cm branch

                                    $20.30 $29
                                  • snowball-60cm-white-1
                                    30off Clickandcollect

                                      SNOWBALL 60cm White

                                      $16.80 $24
                                    • lambs-ear-70cm-spray-1
                                      30off Clickandcollect

                                        LAMBS EAR 70cm spray

                                        $4.90 $7
                                      Viewing 1-24 of 27

                                      You’ll soon find that a high-quality, authentic-looking artificial hanging plant or artificial fruit and fake foliage really does outshine the real thing when it comes to providing a no-fuss, long-term aesthetic. Our wide selection of faux foliage available for sale online and instore is sure to provide something that you truly love. If you or your family have allergies to certain types of plants, this is also a great way to enjoy the sight of beautiful flowers without the hay fever each year. If you’d like to buy online rather than visit us instore, we offer a delivery service that will see your products dropped off almost anywhere in Australia.