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Artificial Hanging Plants

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Artificial Hanging Plants information

Hanging garden
Outdoor lovers with limited time will adore the range of hanging plants Freedom offers. In a cinch you will be able to create an entire vertical garden with none of the fuss or expense with most lifelike artificial foliage.
Create a lush curtain for your balcony with a fringe of artificial plants. Choose between different textures, greens and lengths of these plants for a realistic finish whilst securing them to beams or a secure line. We love a combination of the Exotic Angel hanging vine, the Spanish Moss hanging vine and the String of Pearls hanging vine to produce a thick forest of greenery.
Alternatively, hanging potted artificial plants are a pretty way to create height at different levels across the ceiling of your sunroom or patio. Dot a selection around at random, or string them up in threes for an ordered, outdoor restaurant feel. The simple Sea Grass hanging vine works well alongside the colour and pattern of the Rogue ARR Aluminium hanging bush pot.
Faux hanging plants really come into their own in the bathroom. Suspended above the bath, you can soak whilst staring up at a ceiling forest. Try soft, dreamy colours as seen in the Silver Falls Bush hanging plant and let them drape low over their containers. No bath? No problem. Use planters with hooks like the Hoya Vine plant to suspend off a corner of a towel rail or window frame to bring life to the room. Just a quick spritz of water on the leaves and a wipe with a cloth will remove all dust and keep your artificial hanging plants as fresh as the real thing.