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Furniture Care: Caring For Your New Freedom Products

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We have compiled an exhaustive list of care information to get the most of your furniture. However, if time-management is not your strong suit then at least read this page.

General Product Care Tips


  • Always carefully lift furniture when moving it around the home and never drag.
  • Rotate cushions regularly to even out the wear and fading.
  • Use floor protectors on the bottom of furniture (like tables and chairs) to minimise damage to floor coverings.
  • Use coasters, place mats, tablecloths and table runners to protect furniture surfaces from heat and stains.
  • Anchor your furniture to wall for added safety. Learn more here.
  • We love our pets but keeping off the furniture will avoid any little “accidents” or damage.


  • Don’t place any indoor furniture in direct sunlight as this may cause fabric, leather and other materials to fade or crack. Direct sunlight includes sunlight through a window - use curtains or blinds to protect your furniture.
  • Don’t place furniture too close to a heater or air conditioning vent as this may distort the material or surface finish.
  • Don’t sit on the arms of the sofas and chairs. There not designed for that.
  • Avoid standing on chairs and stools or rocking on the back of it, as this may weaken the structure and possibly cause joint failure.


Self Assembly Furniture

Many of items require some assembly. These tips will help make assembly easy and stress free.


  • Follow the instructions! They will allow to check you have all the parts and show you the right way to put your furniture together.
  • Some items are heavy and may require additional people to help.
  • Assembly should be done on a soft surface like carpet to avoid damage. For large and heavy items you should assemble as close to where you want the furniture to be positioned.
  • Periodically check the fasteners (bolts and screws) and re-tighten them.


  • Rush or skip steps- allow time to assemble your item.
  • Avoid using power drills to assemble unless shown in the instructions. Power drills can over-tighten fasteners causing threading and placing stress on the joint.
  • Never throw out the instructions – you never know when you may need them again (like moving house).


Furniture & Door Adjustment

When you set up your buffet or display cabinet, you might notice the doors are not straight. This can occur due uneven floor surfaces or a slight loosening of the door in transit. However this can be easily fixed by following the guide below. Just like reversing a car in tight spot, an extra pair of hands and eyes can help! Remember to have the furniture exactly in the position you want to be before you begin adjusting.

Adjustable Hinges

Often referred to as kitchen style hinges these offer very minute adjustments on 3 different axis’s. Although they vary in make and model, they operate on the same principle. You will need a phillips head screw driver to make these adjustments.


​​​​​​​Adjustable Leg Glides

Many of our items have leg glides that protect the floor from damage but can be adjusted to raise and lower the height of the product. Adjust on the side of the unit where the door is not straight. Turn clockwise to lower and anti-clockwise to lift

Furniture Wedges

For items with plinths or non-adjustable hinges,  plastic furniture wedges can be used. Fit them on the side of the unit that needs to be lifted up. Check the alignment and then “snap” off the part of the wedge sticking out.

Missing Parts

If you are missing parts, you can request them here.