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Rugs: Take The Floor: A Handy Guide to Choosing a Rug

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​​​​​​As the ultimate finishing touch in any space, the right rug can tie your look together and define your space. Here’s how to find your perfect match.

How the perfect rug can transform your space

Whether you’re looking to make a statement, add comfort or mark out different zones, a rug will anchor your space and add warmth and texture. Don’t leave it as an afterthought - take your entire space into account when finding your new rug, from the style of your home and furniture, to the way your family uses the space.

What size rug should I choose?

small rug in a small space will make your room feel cramped, whereas a generous rug creates a sense of space. Measure your room, making note of vents, doors and obstacles. In a living space, allow the rug to sit just under the front legs of your sofas and chairs - this is useful in open-plan spaces, as it will define the space to create a warm, welcoming zone. Mix and match different styles - for example, layer a medium or small rectangle rug with a circular rug in a natural fibre.

In your dining area, ensure the rug is large enough to cover the floor with the chairs pushed out, or you’ll find yourself tripping over the edges. Bedroom rugs can vary - a runner along the side of the bed provides softness underfoot, while a larger rectangle rug under the lower half will add texture and absorb sounds.

What style of rug is right for my family?

  • Natural materials  Woven from organic plant materials, such as jute and hemp, this style of rug can stand up to heavy foot traffic, wear and tear and won’t show marks and stains. This style looks great in both rectangular and circular rug shapes.
  • Dhurries & Kilims  These traditional styles of rug are woven from wool, jute or cotton - they tend to be durable and are suitable for busy zones. Their flat-woven construction means they’re usually reversible and often feature bold designs or muted patterns and colours.
  • Tufted, Shag & Mixed Construction  Ideal for adding luxe texture and warmth to a space, these rugs can be crafted from wool, cotton or man-made fibres and are somewhat delicate - they will require regular maintenance and care, but will reward you will long-lasting softness and comfort.
  • Oriental  Featuring ornate patterns, oriental rugs are a classic choice. Traditional wool or silk construction will only get more beautiful with age, while polyester, machine-made ones may not last as long - they are, however, easier to clean and are more budget friendly. Their tufted design makes them soft underfoot and the patterns will hide marks and stains, ensuring low ongoing maintenance.

How to care for your rug

Hold onto the care tags from your new rugs to ensure you can address spills and stains properly, as different materials and food or drink spills require different types of care - however, any messes should be immediately blotted with a clean white cloth to absorb the majority of the liquid. Regularly vacuum your rug, using a brush to work out stubborn pet hair. Smaller rugs can be shaken outside, while larger ones might need extra care, including annual professional cleaning. Rotate rugs in high traffic areas to ensure even wear, and consider using a rug underlay to prevent it from sliding and to protect your floors.

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