Christmas is, of course, a time for giving, and nothing looks more Christmassy than a tree with a stack of beautifully wrapped gifts underneath.


Wrapping presents can be tricky if you are not used to doing it, but it’s actually quite easy to do it well and give your family and friends fantastic looking gifts that they will be excited to open.


First, get some good quality wrapping paper and use the same paper for all of your gifts so they look more eye catching and you know which ones are yours when it comes to handing them out to everyone. 

Next, measure each gift against the paper before cutting the wrapping paper so you know you will have enough to completely cover it. Cut the paper a bit longer than what you need so you can overlap it and not leave any part of the present visible.


Once you have wrapped the present and taped it down, fold the corners in at either end of the box at 45 degree angle flaps then crease the paper along the flaps, fold down the top flap over the bottom one, and secure with tape.

Some twine gives a natural texture to your gifts. To attach, first run the twine down the middle of the gift lengthways all the way around it, then twist where the ends meet and run it across the width of the gift, then when the two pieces meet again, tie it in a bow to complete the stunning look.

Next come the gift tags – an important addition so you know who gets what and don’t end up giving anyone the wrong gift by mistake! Continue the spirit of giving by choosing gift tags and cards that benefit a charity, such as freedom’s range, which support the Children’s Cancer Institute.

Add a personal touch by attaching decorations or a sprig of holly to the ribbon to make your gifts even more beautiful and inspiring.