How to create stylish storage solutions

Step aside ‘Retail Therapy’ there’s a more useful way to get a buzz out of your home, and that’s with a little bit of ‘Storage Satisfaction’.

Here’s how to get started… The simple truth is a good declutter won’t happen in one day, it’s a constant process of editing, removing and recycling. Here are the secrets to getting started.


Step 1: Focus on a room

1. Be brutally honest. Remove everything from your cupboards, and only allow what you really need back in. The rest can go to Vinnies! Then make the space look really organised with the help of storage sorters, baskets, boxes and filing cabinets, you’ll never clutter again.

2. What to keep: Don’t be afraid to let stuff go. The more space you free up, the lighter and less encumbered your home will feel. It helps if you have clever storage at hand. “Think about multi-tasking furniture,” says Jenna,“Such as a coffee table with drawers, television cabinets with doors and bookshelves that displays art and photos as well as books.”

STYLE TIP: “Take up the five-minute challenge” advises Jenna. “Simply taking a little bit of time to reorganise your fridge, laundry or bathroom cabinet every day will help you stay on top of your home.”

3. Keep it Uncluttered. Go beyond the spring-clean and have a once a month clean. Clever techniques, such as making a list to tackle your storage areas throughout the home helps keep you on track and organised.

  • Hide away. There are some home essentials that should be carefully tucked away out of sight. Kitchens are clutter magnets, so think logically about storing pots and pans close to the stove. Take it to the next level and create a ‘breakfast’ and ‘dinner’ cupboards that cleverly stash away toasters, blenders and kettles together.
  • In the bedroom, the wardrobe, tallboy, blanket box combination is a storage staple for clothes, soft furnishings and seasonal bedding.
  • Display. There are some key display hubs in the home – particularly in the living room, bedroom and dining room. And always have a bit of fun. “When you arrive home, make sure a beautiful tableau greets you,” advises stylist and author Jason Grant. “A hallway table with a fabulous bunch of blooms in a great vase, a photograph and a pretty market find always makes you feel good about your space.”
  • Rotation: You don’t have to have everything out at once. Keep a few artworks tucked away and then bring them out when you feel the urge to redecorate. Do the same with crockery and tableware in the kitchen, it’s a clever way to freshen up your home.

STYLE TIP: “A good display is worth practising,” says Jason Grant. “There are some clever rules to always stick to: firstly, keep the objects to odd numbers, it always looks better. Secondly, always play with scale and height. Finally, be a little bit playful – I love colour pops on bookshelves or mantelpieces or anywhere!”