Your Guide to Modular Sofas

Thinking of going with a modular sofa? Here’s what you need to know.

We take relaxation seriously at freedom, and we know you do, too. Whether it’s catching up on the footy, binge-watching the latest true crime drama or getting together for games night, choosing the right sofa can help maximise your down time. Modular sofas are the perfect solution for smaller spaces and open-plan zones, as well as anyone needing more flexibility from their furniture – ready to adapt to easy entertaining, movie night and more. Not sure which one’s right for your place? Here’s where to start.

Chaise Modular Sofa

With a chaise available on either side of the sofa, stretching out on the sofa has never been so good. Choose a configuration on either side to suit your room, or select a flip modular chaise style for the flexibility to switch it from right or left at your whim. Enjoy the feet-up end, which is perfect for solo TV sessions and catering to extra guests. Plus, everyone will be facing the same direction, which is ideal for smaller spaces and apartment living.

Terminal Modular Sofa

A terminal modular sofa is an L-shaped sofa perfect for busy, communal spaces. Featuring an arm on one side with a chaise on the other side that has back cushions to sit up against, as well as an opening for a portion of the chaise. Terminal sofas naturally allows guests to face one another while sitting comfortably by utilising the chaise as seating for extra guests with back support. When the guests have left, and there's more room as well as being able to stretch out and lie down on for two people.

Corner Modular Sofa

Ideal for homes with plenty of space, the corner modular sofa slots neatly into place, creating an instant family-friendly hub within your living room. Featuring arm rests on both sides, it’s a luxe choice and is perfect in large, open-plan spaces. This sofa caters for large families, or those who love to entertain. Our signature sofa range allows you to design your perfect sofa with as many seats as you like, and to ensure a perfect fit into your living space. Explore our signature sofa range for more information.

U-Shaped Modular Sofa

This style creates an instant cosy nook in your living area. A U-shaped sofa will often feature a chaise on one end, offering flexibility for busy families, while the U-shape ensures everyone can see each other. Even better, it means two people can put their feet up at once – and no fighting over elbow room! This style of modular sofa is perfect for media rooms to create the cinema-experience in the comfort of your home.