On reflection: new ways to decorate with mirrors, plus do’s and don’ts


Take a closer look at these smart ideas with mirrors, perfect for giving your space that designer look.


Whether it’s a huge framed mirror hung over your buffet or a compact looking glass by the front door - perfect for last-minute touch ups - mirrors make for a beautiful and practical addition to any home. Not only do they help to visually expand your space and reflect light to create a breezier, more open feeling, they also function as a personal touch in any space.


Living/dining area:

In large open-plan spaces, a mirror can act as a focal point and a way to reflect light or provide interest on a large internal wall.



Large frameless mirrors will act to visually increase the space in a compact bathroom, while single mirrors, such as a pair of circular mirrors over a twin vanity, can create an elegant sense of symmetry. Just ensure they’re large enough and positioned at the correct height to capture most guests’ head and shoulders, or the effect will make the space seem smaller. 



If you have the space, a large floor or mounted full-length mirror is a must, both for practical reasons and for creating a luxe, spacious feeling. An extra mirror positioned over a dressing table won’t go astray either - just ensure it’s well-lit! 


The shape of things

Use mirrors as a reflection (see what we did there) of your personal style, rather than simply a utilitarian item. A series of small mirrors with vintage frames acts as artworks in a gallery wall, while a large mirror beside a walkway or adjacent to a living area will expand the sense of space in your room. Circular mirrors can create a nautical vibe, while heavy frames will echo your home’s look - ornate brass for a boho space, ornate gold for a baroque look or white-washed timber for a Hamptons feeling.



  • Have any large mirrors installed by a professional - they can be very heavy!
  • Choose contrasting tones and patterns for accent mirrors. They should be like an artwork on display, rather than a strictly functional piece.
  • Consider the reflection. Will it throw afternoon sunlight directly onto the TV? Would you prefer to reflect a beautiful outdoor scene, or a cluttered kitchen counter?
  • Attach large standing mirrors to the wall if you have little kids.



  • Try not to hang your mirrors too high or low - otherwise you’ll end up reflecting the ceiling or your guests’ feet!
  • Avoid small mirrors in small rooms as they’ll only make it feel more crowded - choose a more generously proportioned mirror instead.


Our range of mirrors come backed by freedom’s one-year warranty. Home delivery is available for large mirrors and a free ‘click & collect’ service is available for small mirrors.