Canvas prints: how to decorate with abstract artwork


Take the expense out of choosing artwork with beautiful and affordable canvas prints, able to adapt to any space.


Purchasing art can be an intimidating experience - especially when the budget is a constraint. Investing in an original piece is a daunting prospect, however, canvas prints take the risk out of the equation. On-trend abstracts or photographic prints are a cost-effective solution for adding playful colour and a personalised look to your space, without eating up your entire budget on one piece.


The colours and content of your prints will be dictated by your personal style - there’s no right or wrong when it comes to artwork! Select a colour palette based on one or two accents in your space, then work within that colour range to find your ideal shades. This will create a more considered look, rather than the ‘painting by numbers’ look, which repeats the exact same tone throughout your space.


Styling tips for canvas artworks:

  • On a large expanse of wall, an array of smaller artworks arranged as a gallery wall can create interest and depth. Combine different shapes, mediums and colours within the same complementary range to keep the look cohesive, and keep the blank space between each work consistent to create balance.
  • Alternatively, use just one large canvas to display on a big wall to create a bold impact. It can act as a window, adding height, depth and scale to a blank surface, while also reflecting your taste.
  • Avoid perfect symmetry when it comes to artworks. Hanging a large canvas in the exact centre point of the wall might look right when there’s no other furniture, but consider how you want to interact with the piece while using the room. Do you want to look at it while sitting on the sofa - or would it be better placed opposite the dining table? Slightly to the right of the TV unit, or lower or higher than dead centre for passing foot traffic to be able to see it properly? Remember, artwork is there to be looked at, so don’t be afraid to hang it where you’ll be able to enjoy it!
  • Canvas prints are a clever option for renters, young adults and growing families, as they are super easy to hang and move around. The lightweight frame ensures that even a DIY beginner can successfully hang it, and clean edges add a sense of polish to spaces.
  • Don’t neglect smaller, more narrow spots. These areas can be the perfect opportunity to display treasured pieces, personal mementos and unique abstracts in areas that are typically dead zones. If you’re concerned about bumping or knocking them when people walk past, consider hanging them a bit higher than you usually might.
  • Bring the outside in! Enhance your connection to nature with bold prints in organic tones found just outside your windows, or select photographic prints of wild, outdoor spaces.