Strike the balance between raw and refined with a sophisticated interior style that delivers for spaces of all sizes. Here are the hallmarks of the Loft trend…


We’ve all seen the apartments – the ones that seem to pull together the best of industrial style, have a cosy feel and evoke a huge amount of home envy.  The Loft look is a trend that continues to inspire and be personalised in Australian homes. Plus, the great thing about it is that it prioritises practicality and comfort – and who can say no to getting comfy?



Combine raw materials and texture

The influence of material textures and tones takes centre stage in the loft look. You may be wanting to soften the rawness of your home’s material finishes – perhaps the red clay of a brick wall, the muted polish of the concrete floor or the rustic warmth of a timber beam.

Complement these details with the less permanent elements of your space. Weathered leathers and hides, textural floor rugs, knitted throws or even a plush velvet cushion or sofa (as the main event) make up the loft look’s soft material palette to layer over those harder architectural details.



A trend for spaces big or small


The loft style isn’t a newcomer on the design scene, but it’s one that consistently delivers and, for that reason, remains a stronghold of Aussie design. One drawcard is the way this look is adaptable for spaces of differing proportions. Whether you’re working a small footprint or more generous floor plan, the loft style is scalable. The larger spaces – especially open-plan living rooms – will do well to use furniture to mark out clear zones.

A console table or shelving unit is a design-savvy addition that will help to create more intimate nooks, and add the bonus perk of storage space (something we all need more of right?). Smaller spaces will benefit from the pieces that do double the duty, such as a coffee table with hidden storage, which is a key theme of this look.



Make a strong statement in the main living areas

In homes both large and small, the sofa will be king of the living room and the bed in the bedroom. If you’re keen to lead your look with a key piece, this is your best bet. You’ll want to find pieces that draw texture into the scheme via the material palette.

A sofa in those weathered leathers or plush velvets is a big tick for the loft trend and, if you’re looking to complement the richness of timber floors or beams, a bed frame in the same material will be an ideal addition. You can then populate your space with extras based on these choices.   



Decorative accents tie the look together


With the above in mind, accessories are central to achieving that layered interior (and where you can have a lot of fun). Don’t skimp on the details that add a sense of luxury and inject your personality beyond the basics – mementoes and curiosities, vessels, small pot plants, books and the like. These items will bring character and personality to your consoles and shelving units.

Last but not least, you’ll want a bold pendant light to pull the whole look together and illuminate the elements you’ve assembled with care. Bathing your home in a cosy glow is the finishing touch that ups the comfort factor and makes your home oh-so-inviting.




"The Loft is an elegant take on an industrial look. I love the blend of timbers, metals and luxe velvets. My favourites would have to be the Osmose buffet and the Cooper armchair in Divine forest green."

- freedom interior decorator, Diane Birol


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