Not keen to commit to any one interior style? The arthouse trend blends the best of every imaginable aesthetic – from Gatsby glam to mid-mod to cubism – for an eclectic appeal that’s packed with personality.


If you’re looking for an excuse to pair Peruvian textiles with a sleek, Mad Men-inspired bar cart, then the arthouse interior trend could be your perfect match. All about expressing your own unique style – whether it’s well travelled, kitsch or Kahlo-esque – arthouse combines sharp forms with sleek organic curves for a look that’s unconventional and loaded with creative contrast.



A fusion of different design styles

An eclectic yet modern take on the vintage retro era, the arthouse trend encourages you to combine the best elements of all your favourite design styles. Using a white base tone, you’ll be able to introduce pops of colour and personality throughout without overloading guests’ senses.

To anchor your space, add elements in a variety of timber types – remember that arthouse encourages mixing and matching different wood tones and textures to reinforce a sense of individuality.

Look to pieces with metallic accents – silver and bronze continue to impress – and create contrast by adding cushions, artworks, mirrors and side tables in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Be sure to showcase your favourite pieces, framing them in carefully considered vignettes or gallery walls, and complement your collection with exciting new finds. The key to mastering this trend is expressing your personality – so make sure your individual tastes take centre stage.



Contrasting furniture


When it comes to furniture, the arthouse trend is all about creating contrast. To master that retro-inspired, eclectic feel, you need to combine pieces from different eras and styles of interior design. With this in mind, don’t go for items in exactly the same timber or fabric tones. Rather, embrace variety and seek out foundation pieces that are contrasting, yet cohesive.

In the living room, this trends pairs angular, mid-century sofas with circular side and accent tables to keep your space from being too uniform. When it comes to soft furnishings, colour and pattern reign supreme, so don’t be afraid to mix and match bold colours. The same applies to the bedroom. Your priority should be layering in lots of cosy, tactile elements, including graphic rugs, throws and art-inspired cushions. It’s this true mastery of contrasting colours, styles and forms that really defines the arthouse trend.



Get creative


The final step to completing your arthouse home is – you guessed it – decking out your walls, consoles and surfaces with thoughtful, creative touches. You can’t go wrong with a gallery wall comprising an eclectic combination of precious family photos, artful prints evoking pop art or cubist movements and thought-provoking landscapes.

Make sure the frames are just as varied as the pictures they contain – think sleek metallic finishes or carefully crafted shadow box frames in a variety of timber tones. Don’t be afraid to combine circular or oval frames with square and rectangular ones, to echo the varied geometry established throughout your furniture composition.

What’s fun about the arthouse trend is that there are no rules – go with what feels and looks good to make your home the ultimate creative sanctuary.



"If you like your home to be more left of centre than traditional then our Arthouse is the look for you! This new range is honouring all things retro with a contemporary spin. There is plenty of colour and texture across the range - interesting throws, cushions and rugs as well as quirky side tables and ottomans. Add your own spin to this look by pairing rich warm colours such as burnt orange, royal blue and teal with the pastel colours in the same hues for a really distinctive scheme in your home."

- freedom interior decorator, Elise Cooper


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