How to master The Loft look in your own home.



Build a rich colour palette.


If you’ve been wooed by The Loft look, you’ll know that raw textures in architectural elements play a huge part in this style’s character. The earthy quality of red brick, the grain of natural timber and the gritty luxe of polished concrete make up the material palette, but it’s the overlay of rich colours that invites a sense of luxury.


The basics of navy, black and grey are good go-tos, but you’ll find tones of sapphire, garnet, amethyst and ruby really bringing the personality. These come into their own not only in your paint scheme, but when drawn in via your statement furniture pieces and soft styling touches – cushions, throws, floor rugs and curtains.


Don’t forget to add a hit of metallic via a brass detail. Mastering The Loft palette is an exercise in marrying texture and tone.



Choose furniture that takes centre stage.


In keeping with increasingly smaller home footprints, The Loft look is about choosing wisely for maximum impact. Sleek statement pieces like your sofa in timber, leather and plush upholstery capture the sense of luxury without crowding a space.


An occasional chair in a velvet accent tone doesn’t hurt either. Keep in mind that your key pieces will not only determine the personal spin you put on the loft look, but how you mark out your space – they’ll be particularly useful in open-plan interiors to create nooks for relaxing.

If relaxation is your top priority, then the Dahlia sofa in Oxford Tan is perfect, with the soft leather making it both the king of the living zone with serious comfort creds. To complement the natural palette of the sofa, the Neighbourhood extension dining table in stunning walnut offers up the good grains to further warm your space.


Similarly, the Wyatt bed frame will be the defining piece in the bedroom, thanks to the warm tones of Sheesham timber. Next stop is those smaller pieces that are by no means less impactful – go for the sleek silhouette of the Podio coffee table or the Adeline coffee table. Then amp up the luxury with the Kahn armchair and Coppell counter stools for a bit of texture and rich colour.



Statement storage solutions.


Sure, The Loft-style apartments that we associate with #homegoals have space to spare, but some of us don’t have that luxury. This means that storage is key to getting the most from your space, but don’t go thinking you can’t store in style.


The Wyatt six-cube three-drawer shelving unit strikes the balance between stash zone and display case so you can showcase your keepsakes and hide away essentials. In fact, the whole Wyatt range – in both the bedroom, with chests of drawers and side tables, and the living room with coffee tables (sneaky storage: tick) – offers fantastic solutions for storage that doesn’t skimp on style.


And, if you’re after sneaky storage, the Nixon modular sofa includes a handy hidden compartment under the seats. For a final luxe touch, the Distillery bar cabinet with brass detailing will stash the tipples that bring the party to The Loft look.  



Styling touches and decorative details.


Colour palette has been covered, and this is going to be super helpful when you’re adding those styling details to your space. Not only will you be looking to those rich purple, deep green and red tones for your walls and furniture, but also as shots of colour juxtaposed against the earthy materials – brick, concrete and timber – that are central to The Loft look.


You might do this using cushions, like the Mayim cushion or the Sarnia cushion, or with plush throws like the Boja throw. And those timber or polished concrete floors need warming up, which you can do with the Orissa floor rug underfoot. You can’t go past a big mirror on the wall (Dylan mirror is perfect) to amp up the light, and while on the lighting subject, a sleek floor lamp – Dawson – and striking pendant light are brilliant features of this style. The Astor pendant is a piece that captures the moody drama of The Loft look.


“Dark and moody, The Loft range brings an elegant sophistication to urban living. The look encompasses a fabulous combination of traditional inner-city industrial pieces. Pair raw timbers, concrete and leathers with more glamorous accents of velvet, marble and mixed metals to give your home a true Loft living look”, says freedom interior decorator, Elise Cooper. “Make sure to include some fresh and light colours in your scheme - perhaps in rugs, artworks and soft furnishings - to ensure the overall look isn’t too drab!”



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