Here’s a look at the key pieces, materials and tones that are at the heart of Coastal Boho. If you’ve been lured in by the style that captures the laid-back feel of summer holidays while leaving the kitschy clutter at the door, you’ll want to know how to bring it to life. Here’s how to master Coastal Boho in your own home.



A cool colour palette.

Coastal Boho’s grounding in natural beauty and seaside vibes prioritises muted tones. The palette is pared-back and features white as the base tone but you’ll be able to warm the look with natural timbers, woven features in wall hangings and pendant lights as well as pops of colour via cushions and soft furnishings.


Think of the pastel-dipped vibe of Italy’s Amalfi coast and you’ll find your inspiration. Sure, you’ll still see the nostalgia-rich combo of blue and white, but with a more balanced approach and a full spectrum of blues, from cerulean blue through to the darker tone of Dulux interior paint in Madonna.  



Start with key furniture pieces.

If you’re going for a total refresh of your home, choosing key pieces of furniture to inform the whole look is a great starting point. The couch and the bed are the kings of their respective domains, so choose wisely as these pieces will help set the tone.


Materials are the easiest way to get a handle on the Coastal Boho look – the whitewashed timber seen in the Cancun bed frame or the linen-look fabric of the Salsie or Benson sofas are a great start. These pieces should also prioritise comfort through generous proportions and a relaxed feel – you can’t go past the Hamilton modular sofa in the living room for example.


Your choice of sofa will be key in working out your coffee and dining table. Use your instincts here, but you can’t go wrong with the Battersea dining table and Tannery leather dining chair. Then have a bit of fun with accent pieces, such as the Sabi occasional chair.  



Declutter with clever storage solutions.

A key aspect of Coastal Boho is minimising clutter so personal details can shine – which is why storage solutions are your allies. Echo the materials that feature in your key pieces to keep that common thread running through.


In the bedroom, you can complement your bed choice with the Cancun bedside tables and dresser – its white-washed timber is such a great fit with the coastal style. In the living room look to the Battersea display cabinet or the District coffee table. Once you’ve stashed the clutter in these pieces, you could add in a Wharf or District shelving unit to make the most of timber tones and the opportunity to display your favourite things.



The finishing touches and decorative details.

You’ve got the key pieces organised, now you want to add the final layers to bring the whole look together. Start from the ground up – with a floor rug. Choose a rug that best reflects the coastal vibe like the Arkoi floor rug which will help mark out your casual living space and weave in a texture that brings warmth to the space.


Add in more texture with a range of cushions on couches and beds, and have fun with it. Everything from the calm-toned Belmore cushion to the lush feel and pop of pastel from the Mongolian cushion in pink sit nicely with the Coastal Boho look. Amp up the comfort factor with a throw like the Majorca (don’t underestimate the decorative power of a tassel!).


Now for the details. Our Bijou macramé wall hanging and the Twisted pendant light are two pieces that are rich in texture and pull the whole look together. Those rope and woven details are at the heart of the look.


Now for your personal touches – why not go for a set of photo frames to share your favourite moments? The pale tones of the Knox frames are the perfect fit for Coastal Boho and make a lovely backdrop for the smiling faces of your friends and family. Flashes of brass also sit well within the look, as well as recycled glass, so dot these materials around your space through vessels or votive holders to add the final flourish.


“Macrame wall hangings, thick lush rugs, accent chairs or footstools or raw ceramics on the tabletop work well for coastal,” says freedom interior decorator Elise Cooper. “Try layering a wall hanging and artwork on a large wall for a true one off eclectic statement absolutely unique to your home!”



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