Side tables to suit every style

 Make the most of your space with the fuss-free addition of a compact and versatile side table.   

Give your space an instant update in the form of a handy side table, ready to go wherever you need it and fulfil (almost) any function you can throw at it. From your living area to bedrooms, bathrooms, patio and poolside, this useful surface offers the best of both worlds: good looks and practicality.


What’s on top?

Add a lamp to create a warm welcoming glow by the bed or adjacent to the sofa, or arrange a trio of scented candles on a brass dish for a boho look. You can even use the table as an anchor point beneath a pendant or wall light, displaying a curated vignette below the light source. Favourite books or vintage pieces will create a beautiful display, or keep it clear to ensure it’s ready to be used in lieu of a coffee table or ottoman - perfect in more compact spaces.


What size do I need?

Depending on how you plan to use it, there are varying heights and widths to suit your style. A larger table with storage underneath will make an excellent bedside option as you don’t need to manoeuver around it, while a narrow style with a round top is a smart choice beside a sofa or between a pair of armchairs. Outside, you can afford to go bigger as there’s generally more space - and you’ll need it to hold snacks, drinks, sunscreen, sunnies and your book! Measure the height of your sofa or bed, and keep the table within 5cm of that height to ensure ease of use. Too low and you’ll find yourself dropping items, too high and that glass of water will be knocked off when you reach down. If you want it to double as a stool, aim for a table about 45cm high.


What’s my style?


Square with storage:

This classic look adds linear appeal with squared edges and sharp lines. Choose all-white for a Hamptons look, stained timber for a more traditional space or pale, blonde

timber for a Scandi-style table.


Compact circular:

With a narrow frame and circular top, this style is excellent in small spaces and in bedrooms where you want a minimum of visual clutter. They don’t offer much storage, but will hold the essentials, like your cup of coffee or wine glass and a book. 



A slimline metal frame supports a top (and perhaps shelving) in concrete, timber, glass and more. The narrow silhouette allows light to filter through, while the larger surface area makes it a sturdy and practical choice in busy family spaces. 


Nesting tables:

Usually available in a trio or a pair, one smaller table will tuck just under the other to keep it out of the way when not needed, or to create layered levels of display. Keep these on hand in smaller living spaces to ensure you have an extra surface ready to go when you need it. 


Looking after your side table

Dust and wipe down the surface regularly, and protect timber surfaces from hot and wet items with coasters. If you have a timber table, freedom offers indoor and outdoor furniture care kits, specially designed to keep your table looking its best. For peace of mind, all freedom furniture comes with a two-year warranty.