On show: Open shelving ideas for every room


It’s easy to add smart storage to your home without the hassle of investing in custom joinery - open shelving offers an on-trend, flexible solution, with plenty of room for stylish additions.


Adding storage to your home is the easiest way to maximise your space and your lifestyle - after all, an organised home is a peaceful home. Open shelving is a versatile way to add functional storage to every room in the house, conveniently utilising often-empty walls with the option of using them for both displaying treasured pieces and holding onto all those books, dinnerware and everything in-between.


Living area:

In this busy zone, open shelving can function as your entertainment unit, book storage, craft station and more. Modular shelves can be customised to suit your needs and available space - add boxes and baskets to create closed storage for items such as toys, games, blankets and everyday clutter. Building shelves around doorways and in niches is a clever way to make the most of your space - and consider high shelving above windows for delicate pieces, framed photos and favourite books.


Dining room:

Everyone loves a multipurpose piece, and open shelving is the ultimate multi-tasker - from a buffet to a console, display space and more, the narrow profile and easy access of a shelving unit makes it a smart addition to your dining space. Cupboards or drawers below will hide clutter, while exposed shelving can hold large platters, be your home cocktail station and keep the essentials within reach. Select wooden shelves to match your dining setting, or mix it up with metal or melamine surfaces to create contrast.



Make the most of empty walls above the benchtop with a set of linear floating shelves or square shelves, perfect for cups, bowls and mugs - the items you use every day. Alternatively, a tall set of open shelving in a corner nook makes dead space functional, providing an opportunity for displaying treasured items, such as vintage cookware, as well as practical pots, pans and oversized pieces.




Top a set of low shelves with a mirror to create an instant dressing table, and add square boxes for extra clothing storage. Display favourite items on the open shelves, such as jewellery and photo frames, while keeping books and essentials close at hand.



You can never have too much storage space in the bathroom, but space often dictates just one or two small cupboards - sometimes even less. Install floating shelves on an empty wall to maximise your space, ensuring those spare towels, spare loo rolls and scented candles will always have a home.



A solid set of shelving is needed for safely storing the myriad paperwork, files, gadgets and tech gear in your home office. Choose a sturdy metal frame with timber shelves in smaller spaces for clear sightlines, which in turn makes the space seem larger, or a closed timber unit with closable doors for added security in a larger room.


Kid-friendly home

If you have small children, always anchor shelving to the wall. freedom provides all products that present a potential topple risk with anti-topple wall-fixing hardware.