Ayush Kasliwal shares his approach to designing furniture for freedom and the way you can draw on these ideas to inspire your own interiors.


Ayush Kasliwal is dedicated to his craft. As a designer of some of freedom’s key pieces, he brings not only a keen eye and timeless aesthetic to his work, but a focus on sustainability. The freedom team was keen to add Ayush’s work into the product offering, after discovering it in their constant search for fresh designs. This is his first season working with freedom, and the five products he’s designed exclusively are beautiful pieces for Australian homes. The Gallop and Palm stools are ideal for creating a statement with your seating arrangements, whether with just one piece or a trio. Similarly, the Dorma console is a fantastic piece to make a statement in your entranceway – that hand-hammered brass bowl brings the bling.

Here are his four principles to live by.  



1. Draw inspiration from your surroundings

Ayush lives in the thriving hub of Jaipur in India and he finds the city a constant living moodboard for his work – a fantastic way to inspire the way you decorate your home. “A lot of what India has, inspires me to look beyond an object, to look beyond things – look beyond stuff, to see what is more meaningful and what is actually needed today,” says Ayush. “In our country we see the design, making, culture, how we live all seamlessly blended in. The narrative of why we have things, the beliefs, are as much as part of design as an object. In fact, I would go on to say that an object just reflects that.”



2. Don’t be pigeonholed into a certain style

Keen to avoid a single-minded approach to design, Ayush’s approach to his work is an idea that can be translated into the way you style a home. Rather than thinking about your home existing in one style, being open to an array of inspirations makes the finished product all the better. “Style is a very tricky word because it kind of ossifies a person into a certain look or a time or a visual language,” says Ayush. “I really don’t think my work belongs to any particular visual language and it’s almost obvious the reaction to what the need is. If the need is for something to be very rooted it becomes so, and if the lead is to be very frugal, it becomes so.” This is certainly clear with the pieces Ayush has designed for freedom. Each one has a distinct look, meaning one could work as a standalone piece, or you could go for all of Ayush’s designs for maximum impact.



3. Choose wisely

In our shift to a greener world, Ayush is a designer who is keen to minimise his footprint – in fact he aims to be off the grid by 2021. He feels that we can all do our bit for the environment by choosing pieces of furniture consciously. “A lot of people I know choose to acquire less, but acquire better,” says Ayush. “A lot of people choose to find things that they can relate to, versus things that signify having achieved a certain position in society.”



4. Embrace the imperfections

When you choose pieces of furniture you love, they quickly become part of your daily life, taking on the hallmarks of wear and tear. Ayush is all about embracing these imperfections, designing furniture that only improves with age. “We make tables teak tops that aren’t finished, so when you put that glass of wine and it leaves that stain, you remember that it got stained. And in that sense it’s something that grows better with time,” says Ayush. This celebration of natural beauty is something The Palm counter stools Ayush designed for freedom represent. Woven by hand in India, the stools showcase a level of craftsmanship that means that no two are the same and they’ll only improve with age.


Check out Ayush’s pieces here.