Invite the calming atmosphere of seaside living into your home with these easy-to-achieve coastal styling ideas.

Seaside style is synonymous with Australian living - but you don’t need to have ocean views (or even live by the water) to enjoy the relaxed, calming vibe that comes with a coastal look. Here’s how to create the effortlessly chic yet livable warmth of a coastal-style living room.


Palette perfect

White is right when it comes to choosing your base colour, creating an airy, spacious and breezy look. The calming effect of an all-white space can’t be overstated, while the easy elegance of white ensures your space will always look on-trend. Mix up the look with a balance of warm neutral tones in rich textural finishes, as well as black, grey, blue and green accents to add depth and drama to your space - the key is to stick to any natural tone that can be found at the seaside. If your timber flooring is damaged or happens to be an overly warm shade of orange, you don’t need to install new boards - simply sand back the surface and use special floor paint to make them all white for a low-cost, low-maintenance solution.


Play of light

Window dressings will make a big impact to creating a coastal look. Light-filtering curtains will add plenty of texture and warmth to your space, while also effectively framing a beautiful outlook. When closed, the dappled light effect of sheer curtains will highlight those crisp white walls and complement a neutral-toned space, filtering out harsh glare on hot summer afternoons. Choose a generous length to hang from the floor to ceiling, ideally allowing the fabric to pool slightly on the floor for a soft look. Pair the curtains with external shutters or blinds that can fold away at the top or sides of the window, allowing for extra privacy when needed.


Textural touches

Bring the outside in to create a strong connection to your surroundings. Cane, wicker and other materials traditionally used outdoors will echo the beachy, relaxed feel of a seaside deck, while raw timber and living-edge pieces call to mind driftwood, sand and rocky outcrops. Highlight the rich patina of vintage pieces by contrasting them with minimalist displays, such as a unique selection of jugs and pitchers with found objects.


Organic accents

Rope, rattan and other woven accents in the form of floor rugs, scatter cushions, floor cushions and throw rugs will all add interest and textural depth to your space. Pots and planters filled with real or artificial plants will enhance this effect, with the sculptural leaves and organic shapes working to soften any rough edges