These budget-friendly ideas will make the most of what you already have, with minimal effort.


If you’re craving an updated living area, but aren’t ready to commit to a full-scale renovation or revamp, a few simple changes and clever hacks can make a big impact to your space, improving both the functionality and look of your home’s busiest zone.


Add softness

Add a selection of colourful scatter cushions to your sofa to instantly add texture and softness, along with a pop of contemporary colour. On-trend patterned scatter cushions, in a range of playful prints, traditional kilim coverings or silk ikat designs will set the tone - simply pick your theme and dress it up. Complement your new cushions with everything soft, from cosy throws and blankets to woven rugs and mats to create a cohesive space.


Light work

Is that tired old table lamp or floor lamp letting your space down? The most cost-effective solution is also the easiest - simply replace the lampshade. Too often, it’s difficult to see past the dreary shade to the perfectly workable lamp base beneath. Add drama with a large black shade, or go neutral with a natural tone in an organic woven texture. A classic white lamp shade is a clean, crisp option, while colourful shades will add a playful burst of energy to your space.


Hang it up

Reassess your walls and rearrange your artwork to transform the feeling of your space. It’s also time to take the leap and finally hang those pieces  you’ve been meaning to put up (we see you, leaning frames on the floor!) - it will add a sense of polish to your living room when everything is hung where you can enjoy it most.


Go green

Add vibrant colour in the form of real or artificial plants. Bright planters and pots will add a personal touch, while everything from oversized Monstera deliciosa and graceful palm trees to cute succulents and trailing ivy will act as an on-trend update to your space. Faux greenery has the added bonus of ensuring the look remains low-maintenance, and is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Fresh and artificial flowers are the ultimate finishing touch, and are always a welcome addition to any space, adding life, movement and colour.


Make a move

Shake up your current floor plan and rearrange the furniture to suit your lifestyle, as well as maximising natural light, traffic flow and opening dead zones. Most of us won’t have moved anything around since moving in, so now that you’ve had some time to see how your living room functions, you’ll be able to make the most of the space you have to work with.


Clean up

A tidy, decluttered space will create a sense of calm, while ensuring you can see and use your favourite items. Be ruthless when it comes to clearing out junk, and use boxes, baskets, storage units and hanging storage to keep the essentials tucked away.