Making a statement: floor lamps to create a designer look


Much more than just an afterthought, the perfect floor lamp can be the accent your space needs to complete the look. Here’s how to find the right style.


No home is complete without a considered selection of lighting, and nothing creates instant glamour like a floor lamp. Not only can a trendy floor lamp provide soft, diffused light in your living areas and TV rooms, but their sculptural appeal ensures they’re a beautiful addition to your space. A warm, moody lamp can create a welcoming bubble of light in an open-plan area, while more compact spaces that lack the room for side tables can save on floor space without compromising on style and function. While their height helps to add interest with different levels in your room, the contrast of a slender or striking frame beside heavy furniture or tech-heavy areas can add that all-important designer element to your space. Here’s a selection of some of our favourite styles:



Carve a dramatic arch over your space with a slender, curved arm. A globe-like pendant will hang over your sofa and armchair, able to twist and swivel to throw light just where you need it. Choose this style for hard-to-access spaces or anywhere you don’t want to obstruct a view with hard, straight lines.


Mid-century modern:

Tapered tripod legs combine with the natural appeal of organic timber for a classic shape. Ideal for creating a focal point in your space, the unique shape of this style echoes mid-century aesthetics for that on-trend retro style.



A metallic frame topped with an oversized vintage-style spotlight or lampshade, reminiscent of a Hollywood studio light,  shows off the working parts of the lamp to create an eye-catching effect. This style will look incredible in large open-plan spaces and is just as impressive when switched off as it is when on. 



Choose a narrow arm with a weighted base in brass to add a hint of colour, and top it with a simple cylinder in white or black to keep your look clean, crisp and laidback. This style is perfect in both large and small spaces due to its unobtrusive shape and sharp lines.


Vintage glam:

Go old-school with a gleaming metallic arm and shade in a brass or copper finish. A solid marble base will provide balance and an instant luxe factor, while the natural reflection of light against metal offers a soft, natural glow.


How to look after your lighting

Safety first! Never change globes with wet hands, and leave any wiring issues to the professionals. Regular dusting and cleaning with a damp cloth, with the power switched off, will keep your lamps looking good. For peace of mind, freedom’s lighting range comes with a one-year warranty.