Bright spark: designer lighting ideas for every room in the house


Whether you’re renting, renovating or looking for a quick fix, here’s how to create a functional and beautiful home lighting plan.


1. Types of lighting

You spent hours researching the perfect sofa, painted swatches to find the right white for your walls and hand-selected the slab for your kitchen island - so your space is complete, right? Well, not quite - even the most well-planned room can be let down by leaving the lighting to the last minute. There are three main types of lighting:


Task lighting:

This type of lighting highlights special areas, such as mirrors, pendant or strip lighting over the kitchen bench and reading lamps in the study.


Ambient lighting:

Aimed at creating general lighting throughout a home, this can refer to downlights, ceiling lights, wall lights and uplights.


Accent lighting:

Whether it’s lighting up a specific artwork, spotlights angled to capture the architectural lines of a vaulted ceiling, sculptural hanging lighting or a pair of designer table lamps, this is your chance to create a sense of drama.


2. Creating a lighting plan

A welcoming lighting plan goes beyond picking out standard overhead lights. An effective plan takes into account how you use each space, who will be spending time there and when - as well as sunlight, the mood you want to create and of course, aesthetics. Here’s a room-by-room guide:



This space sets the tone for the entire house. A pendant light is a great choice for a large space, however a table lamp on a console will work well in smaller rooms.



You’ll need a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting to get the balance right - over benchtops and work surfaces, a trio of pendant lights are a functional and decorative addition. Dimmers are a must!


Living area:

This is where your family spends the most time together, so it’s important to get the lighting plan right. Floor lamps and table lamps create a cosy vibe, and can also form intimate ‘zones’ within open-plan spaces.


Dining room:

It’s all about setting the mood - a pendant light will create a sense of intimacy in a dining ‘bubble’ below. Wall or floor lamps add interest without overlighting the space. 



Combine ambient lighting for everyday efficiency with bedside table lamps for a warm glow. Kids and teens will need task lighting for study desks, while dressing tables and mirrors also need to be well-lit.



Wall lights either side of the mirror provide ambience and flattering angles for users, while a heat lamp and ceiling light will keep surfaces free of clutter and illuminate any dark corners.


Office/study nook:

As well as strong natural light or bright ambient lighting, you’ll need a good desk lamp here to help you focus on the task at hand, and avoid straining your eyes.



3. Renting? Planning to move? You can still create an effective lighting plan!

Skip the installation costs and splash out on your dream table lights and floor lamps. Not only can you afford to spend a bit more since you’re not having to pay to wire anything in, you can adjust your lighting plan to suit your style or new home over time.


4. Go global

The latest trend in lighting is showing off exposed globes. Vintage-style Edison bulbs in oversized shapes with their striking filaments on show are as beautiful when switched off as they are lit up. Lamps featuring glass shades, cages or no shade at all will showcase your beautiful globes and make a bold style statement.


5. Looking after your lighting

Safety first! Never change globes with wet hands, and leave installation and any wiring issues to the experts - especially when it comes to older homes. For peace of mind, freedom’s lighting range comes with a one-year warranty.