Top 4 dining room storage ideas

Get smart with these clever storage solutions to add functionality and style to your entire home.


1. Keep, store, display and more

As most families can attest, there’s no such thing as too much storage. A buffet, hutch, sideboard or shelves is a clever way to keep every room in the house tidy and functional. Include a combination of open and closed storage to display favourite items while keeping bulky or precious pieces tucked away.


2. What are my options?



The most traditional solution is a buffet or sideboard. A waist-height surface offers space for platters, as well as a display area for fresh blooms and vintage finds. Closed cupboards and drawers hide the essentials while keeping them close at hand. This versatile piece can also be used in bedrooms and TV rooms - anywhere you need extra surface and storage space.



A tall hutch or storage unit in the dining zone can act as an extra surface for dishes and drinks when entertaining guests. High shelves are handy for displaying pretty pieces, with cupboards and drawers below hold linen, cookware and dinnerware.



Whether full-height or waist height, a set of bookshelves can double as a fuss-free buffet or storage solution in the dining zone, TV room, bedrooms and entryway. Baskets and boxes can provide closed storage, while the narrower form of shelves makes them ideal for smaller spaces. If you’re lacking floorspace, use the walls by fixing a series of shelves above waist height to keep plates and everyday items within easy reach.



A narrow console table with drawers below is an unobtrusive option for storing keys, mail, bags and more by the front door. It sets the tone for the rest of the home, so make it yours with a unique display of flowers, bowls and decorative pieces.


3. What style of storage is best for me?



Sleek lines, natural timber and Scandi-style curves  will make your side table the main event. Narrow, tapered legs lift the buffet off the floor, creating the illusion of space. Dress it up with a curated vignette of candles, vases and blooms.



Choose dark timber with hand-finished details and solid lines to create a strong, anchored look . Maximise storage space with multiple cupboards and drawers that run all the way to the floor - this look is ideal in larger open-plan spaces. freedom offers matching ranges that include storage, tables, chairs and more, or mix and match your look for an eclectic, vintage feel.



Pair timber shelves with raw metal details  and open display for a hardworking, industrial-style look.



Fresh, beachy style meets laid-back chic for effortless appeal. Choose whitewashed timber for a relaxed, coastal  feeling, or versatile and lightweight MDF  for a minimalist space.


4. How to care for buffets and hutches

Keep your storage looking its best by regularly dusting and cleaning the surfaces, as well as promptly attending to any spills. Use coasters and mats to avoid setting hot items directly onto the surface. freedom’s indoor timber furniture care kit makes it easy to look after wooden surfaces, and includes protective cream, cleanser and conditioner, and an application cloth. An automatic two-year warranty will ensure peace of mind.

Wherever babies and toddlers are concerned, it’s always best to fix heavy furniture items to the wall. freedom provides anti-topple wall-fixing hardware with any pieces that provide a topple risk.