That’s entertainment! How to choose the perfect serving platter


Your tableware will set the tone at your next party, so get set to shine with the latest in serving boards, platters and bowls.


Take your dinner party to the next level with an array of serving boards and platters that will do justice to your beautifully arranged hors d'oeuvres. Even the most thoughtfully prepared cheese board and charcuterie plate will be let down by a so-so serving platter - whether your style is contemporary, laidback or traditional, here’s how to choose the perfect platters for your next party.


Colour: When in doubt, opt for neutral-toned serving platters, such as crisp white, warm beige, muted blue or soft green. These will complement any table setting and ensure your food pops. For the more adventurous among us, this could be your chance to change up your entertaining game. Go big with bright primary colours or sweet pastels, or a painterly finish that’s a work of art in its own right. If you’re feeling extra bold, let your food dictate the palette: intricately decorated ceramic pieces for a Moroccan-style meal, or rich, earthy pieces for Mediterranean dishes. 


Material: We love simple bone china platters contrasted with earthenware bowls in speckled glazes for added texture. Natural timber serving boards and bowls add warmth to your table setting, while a marble serving board brings effortless chic to your look. A heavy slate board makes for a striking cheese board, or add a sense of fun with a chalk-board platter for your fromage, with the name and style written next to each cheese. For a casual look, a large woven bowl or basket is perfect for displaying fruit and other dry ingredients.


Shape: Depending on the occasion, keep your serving platters within a similar shape or scale. Round platters are ideal for a more relaxed, beachy style, while organic oval shapes and curves add drama and a connection to nature. Square and rectangular-shaped serving boards will suit more formal events, and are also useful where space is limited, as you can fit more of them on a smaller surface.


Size: Your serving platters should match the size of the party. Allow for some negative space on the border of each bowl or platter to allow guests space to move the food - this will also prevent your table from appearing overcrowded - but avoid leaving too much empty space, as your servings should appear generous. One oversized, show-stopping piece in a standout material or colour is a good idea for displaying the main course or acting as a centrepiece.


Caring for your serving platters: Each material will require a different type of care, so ensure you keep the manufacturer’s instructions, but since you probably won’t be cleaning loads of platters, you can afford to hand wash or oil each after the party to ensure they keep their good looks. Avoid stacking too many heavy platters to reduce the risk of chips and scratches, and keep them in lower drawers and cupboards so you don’t accidentally pull them down from an upper shelf. Your show-stopping platters and boards can act as decor in their own right - large timber boards will look incredible arranged against the kitchen splashback, while that textural ceramic platter could be the perfect match for your console table.