Get the look: Industrial interiors to inspire your style


Choose textural surfaces and patina-rich pieces to add an on-trend industrial edge to your space.

Full of hardworking elements, rough edges and minimalist, open-plan style, we can’t get enough of the industrial look. Use it to make the most of exposed brickwork, floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings, or add edge to more contemporary spaces with the richly textured, lived-in patina of weathered surfaces and urban looks that go hand-in-hand with industrial style.


Bench seats & stools: Ready for anything, your industrial-style space should be able to adapt to whatever you need it to be - it’s a dining area, family meeting place, entertaining zone and craft workspace all at once. Bench seats and stools in timber and steel reflect this versatility, and can be moved and reappropriated to whatever you need. Pull them up to the table at a moment’s notice for extra guests, or push them against a wall to create an intimate sitting area. Display greenery, artwork and books on your bench’s surface, and use the empty space below for boxes and baskets.


Material mix: If you’re lucky enough to live in a converted warehouse or industrial space, then that’s half the battle over. However, you can still get the industrial look in a more conventional space. Fake it ’till you make it by echoing the same materials and textures you’d find in those authentic industrial sites. Cool concrete, unfinished timber, burnished brass and copper, weathered steel and anything with a rich patina will set the tone. Accents such as concrete coffee tables, planters and lamps will act as a base for battered steel surfaces. An oversized dining table with metal legs and a raw timber top is perfect for entertaining large groups, and wall hooks, tapware and handles in metallic finishes will contrast beautifully with rough, timeworn textures.


Exposed everything: There are no secrets in an industrial-style space - the history and inner workings of the building and the furnishings should be on show. When it comes to storage, tall shelving units with steel frames and rough timber shelves will show off the exposed brick or cement wall behind when pushed against the edge of the room. Alternatively, use them as room dividers, keeping sightlines open through the space. Open shelving allows for plenty of display opportunities, so show off those vintage finds and factory treasures alongside hardworking items such as servingware, kitchen tools and books.


Factory ready: Vintage-style pendant lights and track lighting are perfect in both large open-plan spaces and more compact spaces, and evoke the bustle of a 1950s factory floor. Sculptural floor lamps and steampunk-style table lamps with exposed Edison bulbs will provide a warm, soft glow, ideal for creating a sense of intimacy.


Cosy elements: With all those raw textures and cold surfaces, it’s essential to add warmth and softness to your space. This can be as simple as a large rug that marks out the living area, plus an array of cosy throws, scatter cushions, floor cushions and cowhide rugs. Add height and scale with sheer floor-to-ceiling curtains, which can be fully pushed back from the window to maximise the natural sunlight.