Eating in: How to choose the right dining table and chairs for your space


Picking the perfect dining table and chairs isn’t as simple as it seems. You’ll more than likely use it multiple times a day, for a multitude of uses. Here’s how to find the right mix. 


 1. The dining table is one of the most important purchases you’ll make in your home. Here’s why…

Your dining table needs to fulfill multiple purposes. From a homework space to an extra prep surface, office and craft station, it’s so much more than a place to eat. It’s also the key to spending time together as a family and with friends. The look of your dining table and chairs set is just the first step - you also need to consider how you want it to fit in the space.


2. How to pick the right table and chairs

First, measure your space, then choose your shape. A square or rectangular table is a traditional choice, and as most dining rooms tend to be rectangular, too, they create a sense of symmetry. In smaller spaces, you may want to push the table against the wall, otherwise a round table might be a better choice. The circular shape allows for conversation to flow and for everyone to face each other, while curves ensure easy movement and no sharp corners.


The number of chairs will be dictated by your family’s size and if you like to entertain - if you regularly have people over, a large table with space for guests and platters is a smart choice - factor in about 60cm for each diner. If space is tight, an extendable table offers the best of both worlds.


You need a minimum of 90cm between the chairs and any walls or furniture to allow for chairs to be pushed back and people to walk around - and think about whether you want the chairs to sit flush with the table, or to fit loosely around it. Don’t forget to consider clearance underneath the table - it should be high enough for your longest-legged friends to comfortably fit.


3. What style of dining table and chairs is best for me?



Combine a circular table with soft, upholstered chairs for an on-trend look - a pedestal base (one central leg) or recessed base (three to four legs joined by a central support underneath ) are a good choice for smaller spaces.



A solid timber table with an extendable surface will work with most styles of home. This look works best when the timber contrasts slightly with the other woods in a complementary tone. Team it with white moulded or neutral-toned upholstered dining chairs.



Raw timber and metal legs in a trestle-style table will complement open-plan, industrial-style homes. Pair it with simple bench seats, black dining chairs or steel chairs for a minimalist look. 


Mid-century modern

Turned timber legs and a pale timber table top is a match for the smooth curves of a solid timber dining chair.


4. How to care for timber furniture

Keep your table looking its best with freedom’s indoor timber furniture care kit, which includes protective cream and a special application cloth. Use runners, mats and tablecloths to protect the surface from scratches, and use coasters to avoid setting hot or wet items directly onto the table surface. Direct sunlight may cause the timber to change colour, so move items like vases around regularly to prevent spots and marks. Plus, all freedom dining tables and chairs come with freedom’s 2-year timber furniture warranty to ensure peace of mind.