Going green: how to use artificial plants at home


There’s wisdom in the old adage, ‘fake it ‘til you make it’. Here’s how to add greenery to your space when you don’t have a green thumb.


Indoor plants are an effective way to add life, movement and colour to any space. The shapely appeal of a cute succulent or the rich, glossy leaves of a sculptural Monstera deliciosa will instantly update your home - but will you be able to care for them? Whether you’ve tried your best but still somehow kill any plants in your care - or just can’t be bothered with the hassle of watering, pruning, feeding and repotting, consider adding artificial plants to your indoor arsenal of on-trend decor. These days, the real thing is almost indistinguishable from faux plants, with stunning pots and arrangements offering flexibility and style with none of the hard work or muddy mess.


Mix & match

Combine complementary foliage colours and textures with varying heights and shapes - including shrubs, trees and bushes- to create interest. Contrasting pots and playful vintage planters are a great way to add personality to your space, while glass makes for an elegant choice. Combine real plants with fake ones for a low-maintenance look, bulking out existing plants with a curated selection of evergreen options. Just be sure to regularly dust and wipe down the leaves and planters to ensure they look fresh and healthy.


In the dark

Artificial plants are perfect anywhere you have limited natural sunlight, as well as rooms you only occasionally spend time in. They’re also a practical solution in areas where extreme heat and cold make it impossible to keep greenery alive for long - and for owners of dogs and cats who want to avoid their pets digging up piles of dirt inside. 


Get inspired! Fresh ideas for faking it

  • If you’re feeling guilty about killing all those poor, innocent succulents (yep, we’ve all done it), a selection of artificial ones will add that on-trend energy and vibrance to windowsills, desks and shelves.
  • Brighten up a dark, windowless bathroom with a sculptural orchid that never wilts.
  • Add tropical vibes to your holiday home with the graceful fronds of a tall artificial palm.
  • Give high shelves a pop of colour with a trailing pothos vine - you’ll never have to climb up there to water it - but do remember to dust occasionally.
  • Build an inspiring arrangement of Australian native blooms and branches in your dining area to maximise impact and create a link with the natural surroundings.
  • Tired of spending a fortune on blooms that only last for one week - maybe two? Create your own arrangements using beautiful peonies, proteas, dahlias, roses and more. freedom also offers ready-made bunches in vases filled with realistic-looking water for the ultimate convenience.