How to style your sofa with scatter cushions


The finishing touch in any living space is the essential splash of colour and texture provided by scatter cushions. We unpack the details of how to style your space with cushions.


Finding the balance between a relaxed space and curated haven is an art form, one that can be found with the perfect combination of scatter cushions. Able to add colour, texture, warmth and life to your living space, cushions are an instant, budget-friendly way to update your look.


How many do I need, and what size?

They say variety is the spice of life, but it is definitely possible to have, well, too much spice. Make sure there’s space for you and your family to actually sit on the couch, with the cushions simply adding softness and support. Large cushions provide excellent back support and eye-catching wow-factor, while smaller ones are perfect for adding colourful accents here and there, as well as propping your feet up! Medium-sized scatter cushions are an excellent base, and should set the tone for your whole look. Three cushions will be ideal for a smaller sofa, while a larger sofa will need five to seven.


Changing seasons

An easy way to update your home for the summer or winter months is by refreshing your cushions. Choose luxe velvet and woven textures during cold weather, while tropical prints and playful metallics are a fun option during summer. Linen and patterned seaside motifs will suit a beachy look all year round, while on-trend macrame and hand-crafted and dyed elements will lend a welcoming boho feeling.


Take it outside

Don’t forget the balcony and deck! Your outdoor living area needs just as much care when selecting the right cushions. Soft neutrals will keep the focus on the natural surroundings, while it’s important to link the indoor and outdoor spaces in your home with similar or complementary colours and textures - cushions are an easy and affordable way to achieve this.


Top tips for perfect cushion styling:

  • The rule of three applies here - avoid perfect symmetry and matchy-matchy styling to create a relaxed, contemporary look. Two medium-sized and one large or small cushion can be all you need for a laid-back look.
  • Most spaces, from beachy and boho to modern and everything in-between, will benefit from a playful approach to cushion styling.
  • If your sofa and living zone is mostly neutral-toned, choose colours and textures that you love, but that will be complementary to create a mood you love. Big, bold primary colours, or cool, muted pastels? Tropical screenprints or delicate embroidery? Textural vintage kilims or luxe silk ikat? These will all need to work in with your furniture, artwork and other decorative items.
  • More formal, traditional spaces will suit perfect pairs and complementary colours as opposed to a playful look. Structured shapes and block colours will work well in these spaces.
  • The expert stylist’s go-to ‘karate chop’ creates a natural-looking indentation on top of cushions - but don’t do it to all of them, or you’ll lose that organic feeling.