How to decorate your home with indoor plants


Whether you’re a green thumb or a certified plant killer, here’s how to style up your space with the lush beauty of indoor plants.


The easiest way to add vibrant colour, movement and energy to your home is with greenery. The organic colours and sculptural shapes of real or artificial foliage will instantly provide interest and create a connection to your natural surroundings. Try these fun ideas for incorporating real and faux plants into your decor:



Consider using tall plants with dense foliage, such as Monstera deliciosa and Fiddle leaf fig, as room dividers or to fill negative space, such as in voids and lightwells.


Green zone:

Make an impact with a trolley, console or bench decorated with masses of greenery in a range of colours, heights and shapes. Consider a combination of real and artificial plants to make life easy and cut down on maintenance.


Desert daze:

On-trend succulents and cactuses provide instant style cred. Accessorise with cute metallic or ceramic pots, and if you happen to specialise in killing succulents (guilty!), the fleshy leaves ensure that their artificial copies are indistinguishable from the real thing. 


Going up:

A vertical garden feature wall will make a big impact in any space. Hanging planter bags are easy to install and fill with real and faux plants, or a simple wire trellis entwined with artificial climbing ivy or gardenia will create an instant lush, vibrant look.


Edible garden:

Make the most of your windowsill, benchtop and table with a variety of edible greenery. Fresh herbs and salad greens are a smart choice, ensuring easy access while cooking.


Hanging plants:

Macrame is back in a big way, perfect for adding a hint of boho chic to your space. Alternatively, sleek wire hangers with minimalist planters will ensure the greenery is the star of the show. Draw the eye upwards by placing long trailing plants, both real and artificial, on high shelves.


Choose your pots

Consider brass, copper and metallic finishes for a striking, industrial-style look, or cast concrete for a rich patina and contrasting texture. Vintage ceramics and repurposed tea cups create an instant boho vibe, while woven baskets make for an effortless Scandi-style effect. Plain or patterned ceramics are an easy way to add colour and interest, or consider classic terracotta for a traditional look. Timber or metal plant stands will get your greenery up and off the floor, adding height and drama to your indoor display.


Plant picks

If you’re going with real plants, consider the light and warmth of the spot you’re planning to place them. Dappled, indirect sunlight will be perfect for peace lilies, Philodendrons, snake plants, Monstera deliciosa and palms, while areas that receive strong direct sunlight will be perfect for cactuses, succulents, Fiddle leaf figs and flowering plants. Keep in mind that certain plants will hate cold, wintery drafts, and others will suffer if placed too close to heating and cooling vents or outlets. Always keep the care information provided to refer to when caring for the plants.