6 thoughtful housewarming gifts under $50


Brighten up your loved ones’ new home with these beautiful and decorative pieces. 

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a new home, and inviting your nearest and dearest over to show off your new space is usually the culmination of weeks, if not months, of hard work. If you’re on the receiving end of that barbecue, drinks or dinner invitation, it makes sense that you’d want to bring something special to their new home. Choosing a gift that you know they’ll love shouldn’t be a tricky task, but how do you find something that will complement their space and not be relegated to the dreaded ‘re-gift’ drawer? It’s all about finding the balance between form and function. We make it easy with our selection of on-trend and practical housewarming gifts.



A beautifully packaged, scented soy-wax candle is a go-to option. Choose one in a glass jar with a metallic topper for a hint of sparkle, and let your nose guide you to the aroma. Sweet and fruity, or rich and spiced - maybe your friend is more of a delicate French vanilla? If your pal prefers something a bit more adventurous, a hammered bronze, copper or metal holder will make a bold statement. Alternatively, complement a beachy, natural style with an organic stone holder. 



The soft scent of a diffuser is an elegant way to add a personal stamp to a new space. A glass jar and slim reeds will create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for weeks or even months.


Decorative trays

A beautiful tray can work double duty as a decorative item and work surface, perfect for creating a unique vignette on the console or coffee table or serving afternoon tea and coffee. Choose a burnished metal finish for a vintage-inspired space, or woven, organic rattan for a coastal, natural look. In sleek, modern spaces, a simple white or black lacquer tray will complement a stripped-back style, while playful colours or a material mix will adapt to suit a range of looks.


Vases & vessels

Always be prepared for guests bearing fresh blooms with a selection of shapely vases and vessels. Clear glass is a safe option, guaranteed to fit into any scheme, while handmade ceramics add a personal touch to contemporary homes. A metallic accent will add a hint of sparkle, while leather or ombre colour is a modern choice.



Give your friends and family an opportunity to create and cherish new memories with a picture frame, ready to fill with treasured family snaps, pressed flowers or mementos from a vacation. A statement timber frame will add warmth to their space, while classic black or white is a refined option. Multiple frames will create an instant gallery wall - choose multiple colours to allow them to mix and match to suit their style, or a frame cluster with several photo spots to keep the look cohesive and easy to hang.


Hand care

For the gift that keeps on giving - and that you’ll be able to use when you pop over for a visit - give your loved ones a set of aromatic hand soap and moisturiser to add that extra polish to the kitchen counter or bathroom vanity.