Rest easy: what size bed do I need?

Size matters when it comes to choosing the right bed - sleep well with our guide to finding the best bed for your space.


1. Before choosing your new bed...

Space is just as important a consideration as aesthetics for choosing your new bed. Measure your room, factoring in access to doors, storage, bedside tables and walkways. For example, a queen mattress measures 153cm by 203cm, with the bed frame potentially adding an extra 5cm-30cm - plus you’ll need between 75cm and 90cm clearance between any walls and doors. Will you be sleeping as a couple? If so, a queen-size bed frame is the minimum you’ll need to sleep comfortably. If the space is for one person, a double bed will do the trick - but a queen bed will be more versatile in the future.


2. It’s all in the details:

An upholstered bedhead is a good choice for anyone who likes sitting up in bed to read, while a fully upholstered bed frame will save your shins from hard edges. For a clean, classic look, a solid timber frame will stand the test of time, both visually and structurally. Consider whether you want added storage, such as built-in drawers or even a gas-lifted bed  that can hide blankets, pillows and bedding underneath.


3. What style of queen bed is right for my space?



All-over upholstery , subtle curves and tapered legs offer softness and luxe texture for a calming, cosy look. An upholstered bed lends itself perfectly to in the form of drawers or gas-lift hidden compartments.



A solid timber  bed frame adds warmth and texture, becoming an instant centrepiece. A sleek, streamlined form will ensure that it can easily fit into your next home - ideal for renters or young adults - and raised legs can offer space below for extra storage. 


Material mix

Raw timber and metal, leather or fabric will make a style statement in any bedroom. A padded bedhead with a slim timber base  offers Scandi-style simplicity, while a lightweight metal base with a decorative parquetry timber bedhead  is both practical and beautiful.



In compact spaces, a simple white base  without a headboard will keep the look light and fresh. True minimalists will take this theme a step further with an ensemble base. Layer it up with luxe bedding and throws to add interest, or keep it simple with crisp all-over white.  


4. How to maintain your new bed

Pay attention to weight limits - heavier people might find it’s worth investing in a solid base or ensemble to ensure it can last the distance. Engage an extra pair of hands to help assemble, move and reposition your bed and avoid pushing, pulling or dragging the frame to ensure even pressure on the joints, preventing annoying creaks and squeaks when you move. Plus, you’ll sleep soundly with the knowledge that freedom offers a two-year frame warranty on all their furniture, as well as specialised wooden, leather and fabric furniture care kits to keep your new bed looking beautiful. Ask in-store for details and specific kits to suit your bed.