How to style up your bedroom with a bedhead


Does your sleeping zone feel unfinished? The perfect bedhead could be the finishing touch you’ve been searching for.


The right bedhead will anchor your bedroom, while setting the tone in terms of style, materials palette and colour. Whether it’s a double or queen bedhead, or even king size, it will be the biggest piece in your room and therefore the focal point at all times, so ensure it’s worthy of that attention by choosing carefully.


Style: Your bedroom should be a cosy oasis from the world, tailormade to your preferences. For a traditional look, an all-over upholstered bedhead is the right fit, pairing softness with structure. Quilted buttons add interest, or simple padded cushioning will provide the perfect reading nook. Minimalists will love a sleek timber bedhead, with pale and dark timber tones providing contrast. Go contemporary with inlaid brass, or achieve a rustic, beachy style with timber panels. If you prefer a more boho look, a sculptural rattan bedhead will perfectly fit your room.


Texture: If you have little kids or pets that frequently climb into bed with you, a cotton or linen-upholstered bedhead might be out of the question. Instead, choose hard-wearing polyester blends that can stand up to the occasional muddy paw. Velvet is a bold choice that can instantly add a sense of glamour to your room, or for a sleek, timeless look, a leather bedhead channels easy elegance, especially when contrasted with the softness of sheets and pillows.  


Colour: Think about your overall colour scheme, and consider whether you want the bedhead to dictate the rest of the space. A neutral tone will mean you’re free to experiment with colourful pillows and accents throughout the space, while a stronger shade will set the tone as a bold focal point. In smaller rooms, choose white, muted grey or pale blonde timber to enhance the sense of space. Deeper neutral colours are a smart choice in spaces where kids and pets are concerned, as they will act to hide any marks and stains.  


Shape: A square or rectangular room in a traditional-style home will pair perfectly with a similarly shaped bedhead. Choose curves in boho or beachy homes, or subtle angles in contemporary spaces. Consider the size of your bedroom as well as the ceiling height when choosing a bedhead. Avoid placing an oversized bedhead in a more compact bedroom, as it will dwarf the rest of your room - instead, keep everything in proportion by keeping at least half the length of the bedhead free on either side of the bed.


Dress it up: Once you’ve chosen your bedhead, it’s time to dress up the bed itself with linen, throws, cushions and more. Keep the look peaceful by avoiding clashing colours and patterns. A neutral-toned bedhead will suit any number of textural additions, making it a versatile option. Create a sense of balance with a cosy throw draped over the end of the bed, echoing the structural bedhead at the other end.