How to create an organised bedroom


Give your most peaceful zone a chic makeover with these smart tips and tricks.

Your bedroom is so much more than just a sleeping zone - it should also function as your own private sanctuary - a space where you spend your most personal moments, prepare for the day ahead and reflect on the day past. As some of the most successful people you know can attest, a cluttered room will lead to a disorganised life. Streamline your daily routine with these easy ideas for taking control of your space.


Hang it up

There’s no excuse for leaving clothes, bags and towels in a heap on the floor when you have plenty of wall hooks and coat racks. A few chic metallic or blonde timber hooks by the door are perfect for those last-minute or everyday items, and will make the most of limited space. They’re also handy for displaying items, such as jewellery, bags and scarves. In a larger room, you might consider a stand-alone coat rack in a timber or metal finish. Renters and smaller bedrooms will benefit from slimline over-door hooks and hangers, which essentially hide the clutter away whenever the door is pushed open - win, win!


Inside the box

If you have a space for everything, you’ll find it easier to put all that ‘stuff’ away when you’re done with it, ensuring a sleek, organised space. Boxes and baskets are an easy and cost-effective way to add extra storage to your bedroom. Choose plastic stacking crates for hidden zones, such as under the bed and in wardrobes, while natural woven materials and linen coverings will look stunning on display on storage units, under desks and tucked away in bookshelves.


Laundry day

A laundry hamper is essential to keeping your room clean and clutter-free. Choose a complementary colour and texture to match the rest of your space instead of the typical plastic basket. If you find yourself needing an in-between spot for clothes (the not quite dirty, but not quite clean pile), a second, smaller basket will do the trick - and will ensure that your chair or bed doesn’t become a dumping ground.

Twice as nice

Choose furniture that can work double duty as both a functional item and storage. A bed with drawers or a hidden gas-lift section underneath will hide away heavy winter gear - as will a clever storage ottoman - while a side table with drawers or cupboards is perfect for those smaller items. Bookshelves and tallboys offer storage and a space for display - or simply top with a mirror to create an instant dressing table.


Divide & conquer

Keep drawers tidy with special dividers and organisers - ideal for sorting socks, undies and intimate items, as well as hanging dividers with extra storage in the wardrobe for keeping work gear and everyday pieces separate.


Deep clean

Cleanse your wardrobe of any items you no longer wear, and donate anything that doesn’t fit - Marie Kondo would approve! Then it’s time to declutter and toss those bits and pieces you’ve been carrying around for years (do you really need three old, broken iPhone chargers?). Now you’re ready to create the ultimate sleeping sanctuary, and to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.