How to choose the perfect pillow


What you lay your head upon is one of the most important factors in guaranteeing a restful sleep. Here’s how to find your perfect pillow match.


A good night’s sleep is vital to ensuring your overall health and wellbeing, not to mention a busy productive day the next day. Part of that sleep quality comes down to your pillow choice - the right one will mean the difference between a restful night and broken sleep. If you haven’t replaced your pillow in 12-18 months, then it’s a good idea to consider investing in a new one - they can be a haven for dust mites, and will lose their support over time. The best way to tell whether you’re ready for a replacement (once you’ve completed the sniff and sight tests, of course) is to fold the pillow in half over itself - if it stays folded over, it’s done, but if it pops back, then there’s life in it yet!


How do you sleep?

When picking a new pillow, consider how you like to sleep. There are different pillow types to suit black sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers, as well as non-pillow users. If you tend to change up your position throughout the night, choose the one you find you use the most - that is, the one you wake up in.


What’s your body type?

Your weight, age and sex will play a part in the ideal pillow. The lighter you are, the less support you’ll need, and vice versa. Those factors, when combined with your sleeping position, will dictate your ideal pillow type.


High-tech extras

You might find that your body temperature feels too high or too low throughout the night, or that you’re sweating too much - freedom’s range of Bedgear pillows will cater to these needs and more with moisture-wicking fabric, enhanced air-flow and cushioned support. They also specify which pillow is best suited to your ideal position and body type, making choosing a new pillow easier than ever.


Caring for your pillow

The first step is to buy a pillow protector as an extra layer of defense between your head and pillow. Similar to the other must-have item - the mattress protector - a pillow protector is easier to wash than the entire pillow, will enhance the lifespan of your pillow and forms a barrier between you and any potential dust mites and moisture. freedom carries Bedgear’s Dri-Tec pillow protectors and sheet sets, which ensure you’ll maximise the benefits of their smart construction. Spot clean any marks and stains, and avoid fully immersing a foam pillow in water - it’s almost impossible to tell whether the core is completely dry, which will lead to mould and mildew build-up. Down or synthetic-filled pillows can be washed, however, always check the label for the complete washing instructions.