Clever dresser designs for small spaces


The key to a functional and beautiful sleeping zone is smart storage. Keep your space organised and sleep well with these no-fuss ideas.


 1. Smart storage

Fitting everything into a compact bedroom is tricky at the best of times, but it’s even harder when you don’t have any built-in storage. The good news is that a dresser or tallboy can provide the extra storage space you need, while acting as a space for display - it can also make a style statement on its own. Choose from a coordinated matching set with your bed and bedside tables, or mix and match to suit your space. 


2. Pick your style



A traditional dresser tends to stand around waist height, with space for display, a mirror and even a TV if you like on the top surface. Whether you choose from a three-drawer, five or even six-drawer dresser, the long width ensures plenty of storage space without overwhelming your space. Choose a style that’s elevated on tapered legs to visually free up the floorspace, making your room feel bigger.



This style of storage is taller and comprises multiple drawers stacked on top of each other, or a series of drawers topped with a wardrobe. The tall, narrow shape makes it perfect for tight corners, while multiple drawers make it easy to organise your clothes. The top tends to come up to chest or shoulder height, so it can be a great spot for a small mirror.


Shelving unit

Keep the look light and open with exposed shelving, ensuring clear sightlines to the walls and a slimline narrow shape to maximise floor space. This unit requires a level of organisation to keep everything looking tidy, as you can’t just throw clothes into a drawer when cleaning up! Consider storage boxes or baskets for some of the shelves to keep smaller items tucked away, while favourite clothes, books and tech gear can sit proudly on display. The bonus of this technique is that you can always see exactly what you have - no more lost items.


Storage units

A cross between shelving and drawers, a storage unit offers a versatile solution for keeping bits and pieces tucked away. Removable boxes or fabric baskets make it easy to access your items, while the lightweight design means it’s a portable option in multipurpose spaces.


3. Looking after your dresser or tallboy

Keep your drawers running smoothly by avoiding overloading drawers or forcing them open and shut. Regularly dust the external and internal surfaces, and attend to any spills promptly. freedom’s indoor timber furniture care kit, which includes protective cream and a special application cloth, will be useful to have on hand for regular maintenance. Plus, all freedom furniture comes with freedom’s two-year timber furniture warranty to ensure peace of mind.