Keep this busy zone clean, tidy and inviting with these functional and beautiful must-haves.


Your bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in your home, and it should also be your own personal sanctuary - a place where you wash away the worries of the day, and get set for the day ahead. It’s also a place that your guests are guaranteed to visit, so those little extras will go a long way towards making them feel welcome and comfortable. Here’s how to find the perfect balance between hygienic, stylish, beautiful and functional in your bathroom.



Your soft elements in the bathroom should be coordinated - but not necessarily matching. The bath mat will be almost always on display, but being the floor means it will be subject to dirty feet and marks - darker colours and patterns will hide the most obvious messes, but regular cleaning is vital. Buy a few in the same style so you can easily switch them out - the same goes for hand towels. Bath towels can be hidden in bedrooms when guests are over, but you should be washing these items at least once a week, so it’s essential to have spares on hand.


Rubbish bin

Trust us, save your plumbing and place a small, inconspicuous bin in the bathroom. A stainless-steel drum with a flip-top lid is ideal for keeping everything tidy and coordinated, while a woven basket can be the opportunity to add texture to your space.


Soap dispenser

Treat yourself and your guests to a spa-ready experience with lush scented soaps and moisturisers. Do away with plastic and supermarket labels in favour of beautiful metal, stone or glass .



A cluttered vanity doesn’t create a peaceful vibe, so ensure you can hide all the mess away when you’re done with it - a mirrored shaving cabinet is the most obvious solution, but if you don’t have space, small boxes and baskets can slot neatly into shelving and cupboards to stash those bits and pieces. Wall hooks and hangers will keep towels and clothes off the floor, while stand-alone storage units, if you have the space, are perfect for cosmetics, spare loo rolls, cleaning products and more.


Cleaning products

Your toilet brush - and maybe a matching plunger - should be located conveniently next to the loo. Choose green-friendly cleaning products to keep your space looking and smelling beautiful, naturally.



The aim of the game is to have guests walking out of your bathroom and demanding to know what that beautiful scent is. Invest in scented soy wax candles or reed diffusers to keep your space smelling fresh and inviting at all times. Tall pillar candles will not only smell great, but will add a soft, romantic vibe when lit - perfect for relaxing baths!