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Furniture Care: Wall Anchored Furniture


Toppling Furniture. Why Anchor it?

Small children are inquisitive and adventurous and they love to explore. Free standing bookcases, drawers, wardrobes and side boards are low enough for children to reach and climb. If furniture is unstable or not properly secured, the child’s weight may cause it, or items placed on top, to topple over and injure the child.

Parents and carers should use furniture anchor devices to secure unstable furniture from toppling over and crushing a child. These devices are easy to install and are supplied with furniture.


  • Purchase low-set furniture or furniture with sturdy, stable and broad bases.
  • Look for furniture that comes with safety information or equipment for anchoring it to the walls.
  • Test the furniture in the shop - make sure it is stable. For example, pull out the top drawers of a chest of drawers and apply a little pressure to see how stable it is; make sure the drawers do not fall out easily.


  • Attach, mount, bolt or otherwise secure furniture to walls and floors.
  • Do not put heavy items on top shelves of bookcases.
  • Place televisions at the back of cabinets or secure them to the wall
  • Discourage small children from climbing on furniture.
  • Do not put tempting items such as favourite toys on top of furniture that encourage children to climb up and reach.
  • Do not place unstable furniture near where children play.
  • Put locking devices on all drawers to prevent children opening them and using them as steps.

All products that present a potential topple risk are provided with anti-topple wall fixing hardware.

For more information see the online safety alert visit:

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