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You’ll find that when it comes to candle holders, there is a wide range of choices available out there. Our collection is no different. Whether you’re looking for a glass candle holder or prefer to find something less delicate, you’ll certainly find what you need for sale online and instore. After all, candle holders are for more than just protecting the surfaces of your home or business from dripping wax, they also add a wonderful decorative element. This means that regardless of whether you use large candles or tealight candles, you can choose holders that are statement pieces to complement the other décor in your room.

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      BLAZE Tealight

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    It’s always a good idea to consider how the size and shape can reinforce your space’s design and aesthetic. That’s why shopping with our collection means that you can truly decide what will be best for your room, at the convenience of having all of the options on display. Should you want to buy online, and are ready to commit to those large candles or even those scented vanilla candles, you can always choose the delivery option on checkout or grab our click & collect option. This is available at several stores throughout Australia.