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Artificial Plants

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Artificial Plants information

Plants with purpose
Artificial plants are a wonderful addition to indoor areas. Their greenery and textured leaves give a light, fresh element to the space and can create focal points where they are placed. Freedom has a catalogue of different artificial plants to choose from, including potted plants and artificial trees. Don’t forget to pick up a fantastic planter along the way to house them.
While kitchens are very practical rooms, they are also the perfect spot for greenery. If growing herbs isn’t your strength, you can imitate this country-side feel through small plants. Use ledges like the windowsill to showcase dense shrubby plants like the Rogue ARR Mini Senico mix. The dark green and rich earth encased in glass will reflect light and look both smart but homely when stacked next to each other in line.
Another ideal spot for artificial plants is the table – whether it’s in the kitchen or dining room. Instead of a large bouquet, choose shorter potted plants in sets of three to create a zen feel that’s totally hassle-free. Artificial succulents like the Cabbage Echeveria in their rough stone bowls give everyday order to the table and are low enough for your guests to see each other over.
Outdoor areas aren’t just for living plants. Keep your deck or patio evergreen with artificial plants of all sizes. Tall plants like the Potted Yucca look striking when placed slightly behind outdoor sofas to add a cool, shady element. Artificial plants can also be used to create a border at the edge of your balcony. Choose mid-sized plants of different heights to make a hedge of foliage for privacy and to introduce more greenery if you’re in an apartment.

Wherever you put your plants, a quick dust with a damp cloth will keep them vibrant and fresh – no gardening required!