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When you’re deciding on the exact rug styles that you want for your home or office, it really pays to have a look at what will fit your floor space first. Take measurements and choose whether you’re going to go for a round rug or a rectangle rug instead. This will already narrow down which of our amazing rugs will most suit your space. Remember to also take into account the surrounding aesthetic. For example, is there any décor on the walls or bold furnishings that you’d like a round or rectangle mat to complement? Whether you’d like to opt for a natural rug or something with easy-to-clean synthetics, you’re sure to find something to fall in love with from our collection of rug styles for sale online and instore.

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  • madras-250cm-rug-1
    Sale Clickandcollect

      MADRAS 250cm rug

      $279.20 $349
    • madras-60x90cm-mat-1
      Sale Clickandcollect

        MADRAS 60x90cm mat

        $31.20 $39
      • madras-180x270cm-rug-1
        Asseenontheblock Sale

          MADRAS 180x270cm rug

          $143.20 $179
        • kenza-200x300cm-rug-1

            KENZA 200x300cm rug

            $559.20 $699
          • inverse-60x90cm-mat-1
            50off Clickandcollect

              INVERSE 60x90cm mat

              $24.50 $49
            • madras-80x300cm-runner-1
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                MADRAS 80x300cm runner

                $103.20 $129
              • albion-60x90cm-mat-1
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                  ALBION 60x90cm mat

                  $27.30 $39
                • inverse-200x300cm-rug-1
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                    INVERSE 200x300cm rug

                    $249.50 $499
                  • stafford-160x230cm-rug-1
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                      STAFFORD 160x230cm rug

                      $174.30 $249
                    • nova-160x235cm-rug-1
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                        NOVA 160x235cm rug

                        $239.20 $299
                      • rocco-160x230cm-rug-1
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                          ROCCO 160x230cm rug

                          $224.50 $449
                        • inverse-160x230cm-rug-1
                          50off Clickandcollect

                            INVERSE 160x230cm rug

                            $149.50 $299
                          • kemer-160x235cm-rug,-ivory-1
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                              KEMER 160x235cm Rug, Ivory

                              $279.20 $349
                            • orissa-80x300cm-runner-1
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                                ORISSA 80x300cm runner

                                $199.20 $249
                              • adelina-160x230cm-rug,-blue-1
                                Sale Clickandcollect

                                  ADELINA 160x230cm Rug, Blue

                                  $319.20 $399
                                • albion-155cm-round-rug-1
                                  Sale Clickandcollect

                                    ALBION 155cm round rug

                                    $118.30 $169
                                  Viewing 1-24 of 61

                                  Choosing the best rug for your particular space is more than just a financial investment, it’s also a way to significantly impact the way a person feels when they walk into a room. Take your time and browse through our rug styles before you decide on the one for you. Should you choose to buy online, it can be delivered right to your doorstep. Should you want your rug as soon as possible, you can also select click & collect. This is a free service that is available from many of our outlets across Australia.